Are you really serious?

Can it be coincidental that the wrong people are sitting in the wrong places at NG in the "TWD OW" department? Every time you come up with 
supposed "new ideas" and it's the same crap over and over again! And that too at incredibly impossible prices!

How about a pass that is unlimited for 6 weeks? At least that frequent players who don't play in a top 100 team get their money's worth?
You screw up the fun of the game for the whole community more and more. The only ones who get far here are the rich! In the top teams,
30-40 flares run 24/7. Who else should be able to afford that?
The game doesn't depend on talent anyway and isn't it enough that we invest a lot of our time in this game?
No! NG goes one better and sells combat passes, the content of which is only as valuable as NG and their wealthy customers make it appear
valuable! You have a course that is outside of any reality. If I hadn't grown so fond of my teammates in the group, I would delete the game
for good! Every clear-thinking person should really let that melt in their mouths, what prices NG is asking, just so that one continues to
tap around with one's finger on the screen of the smartphone.
Instead of trying to make the community bigger with good ideas and low prices, you hold onto the handful of rich people from the top 100
and ultimately let the community die out.



  • lorenaleelorenalee Member Posts: 1
    You’ve definitely hit on the core problem with all the games in the App Store!! I haven’t found on yet that doesn’t keep finding ways to make us spend more and more.  It’s deceiving when there’s a lot of little purchases.  I used to work a carnival game and the golden rule was “ people only remember the last collection”. So if your spending 10$ here $20 there $4 etc…it adds up and before you know it you’ve spent a fortune.  The games advertise as “free” and in truth they are.. you can play for about 5 minutes free.  Just enough to hook you in.  Then like you you become fond of your teammates, the game is relaxing my enjoyable . We spend a few dollars Snd eventually have so much invested we don’t dare leave!! Until we’ve had enough and just can’t afford to play anymore!!  Because, the higher your level the mire you spend!!

  • IdontwalkIdontwalk Member Posts: 19
    Pretty much correct on every point.  I love to support games that I enjoy but its impossible to buy a season pass or this ultimate pass as $20 is just too much for such lousy rewards.  And on top of that, it seems every event increases the amount of tokens needed to buy something.  I mean coins shouldn't be hard to get in these events but 12,000 tokens for 10,000 coins.  Why don't you want us to progress in the game?
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