Tip for killing maximum number of walkers @ raider ambushes

***Share the video if you find it useful. Happy hunting!***
Here is the best way to collect reward tokens from the game in just 1 session with just spending 3 energy.

 It's like a bug because from encounters, resques or missions it's not possible to collect this much.

Here is how;

1. Find a raider ambush weak enough for your weapons and heros. For example I can handle maximum 16-17 but I play level 11-12-13 for this trick.

2. Choose your strongest meele heros, so they will kill the walkers but cannot shoot the raiders in the balcony.
Don't forget, order of the cards matter, first 2 cards fight first. When they die, the other heros will fight in order 3. and 4.

3. Shoot all the raiders but leave the very last one alive, to control the TIMING!!!
 You will shoot him and kill him just before your heros die and you will be next dieing as you can understand.

4. Grenades may help, to ease meele heros job or saving yourself for the very last minute.

5. Kill the last raider in the balcony and finish the mission before you die, so you will kill maximum walkers and get maximum rewards.

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  • StewartStewart Member Posts: 108
    Thanks but I think most of us have been doing this since they added them
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