Black Friday

Anyone know if NG has anything planned for Black Friday ?


  • StewartStewart Member Posts: 100
    Guess not as there was nothing for thanksgiving today 
  • HöckelebömmeleHöckelebömmele Member Posts: 24
    They did. But unfortunately I don't have a donkey at home that can shit gold. They just don't learn. Either they are rapidly lowering prices now or they have to be content with what the rich are throwing down their throats. 70 € for 200 flares !!! I wouldn't even pay 50 €. Instead of lowering the prices so that normal earners can afford it, they make an offer where you have to spend even more money! It's a shame that there are still so many people who go through this madness.

  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 114
    edited November 2021
    I wish I could mark awesome, agree and lol.  Because it’s a absolute joke what this is.  50 bucks is already crazy. And don’t say oh, your getting 200 so it’s buy one get one half off.  

    They make it to where my team starts getting awesome legendary cards after getting past Tier 80 and the leg cards are hopeful, to thinking “wait a minute, they are getting too many leg cards.”  So go ahead and lower the season from 6 weeks to 4 weeks because we can’t have teams farming 81 leg cards every board flip for 2 - 3 weeks.  and raise the numbers dramatically as tiers go so our dedicated players and top teams can’t get there as fast and well, they won’t notice. And… let’s make the energy offers worse and put a price tag so they got to pay actual money instead of earning them thru playing the game.  

    And… Don’t even get me started on how my inventory is disappearing.  I started keeping a record of all my cards and inventory daily so I know.  You guys still owe me 256 flares and 66 compasses.   Yet when contacting in game support they either ignore me or give such ignorant answers and Take away my ability to contact in game support.  That was 3 months ago and still have no way to contact them.  So ya,  you use to be able to earn almost 200 gold a day when completing daily missions in this game and buying grenades and med packs for coins with the energy reset daily to not being able to get anything so coins in this game are almost useless.  Just for upgrading cards.  What happen to the leg cards for coins that happened what, twice.  Gee thanks.
  • StewartStewart Member Posts: 100
    Same...can't see how they get the price for the 500 Energy of 950 gold when u can buy 250 Energy for 1.99 twice so 500 for 3.98 but to get 950 hold would cost u double that in money....pricing is definitely done by muppets !!!!!
  • HöckelebömmeleHöckelebömmele Member Posts: 24
    No they are smart. There are idiots who convert gold into money and prefer to buy energy for real money in the shop. Also, so that those who only get the gold in the game may also spend some money. Means in plain language. While I spend € 0 because I get up to 1300 energy a day just like that, others spend a lot of money a week to have additional energy. In addition, there are many of these buyers who do not think twice and either buy the purchase of the 500 energy at the wrong time or hoeard it!
    In both cases, you lose a lot of energy that doesn't cost you anything.
    The buyer determines the prices, not the seller. Supply and demand. And as long as there are enough buyers for these horrific offers in the shop, the prices will not be reduced.
    WHO is the muppet?
  • AsynjaAsynja Member Posts: 34
    NG would for sure have made more money if they had made that flare crate smaller and cheaper with option of multiple purchases
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