Where are the daily deals? april 3rd

LGND91LGND91 Member Posts: 1
I got only the aprils's fools special offers and no daily deals. Same with my team. It's quite a letdown on sunday.


  • ShortyKaiserShortyKaiser Member Posts: 141
    Fehlt bei mir auch!!! 
  • amosamosamosamos Member Posts: 3
    Double contribution event is not a bad event, however when u remove the daily Sunday energy offer we are all so accustomed to….really throws a wrench in things. I suppose it’s a ploy to get us to spend more gold to utilize the end of event for boards. 

    I’ve noticed lately that after shop resets in evening, 95% of my missions are my max that I can’t/won’t do. So frustrating when I can play 5% of a flare that just an hour ago I could play 70% of it. The spread of mission levels really needs to be addressed. 
    This season has been a huge disappointment and has led me closer to retiring my guns. Thanks NG
  • MorgenMorgen Community Manager, Staff Posts: 297
    Hi Survivors,

    Thanks everyone for reporting - this was not intended and the daily offers will be back shortly (~ 9:00am UTC today). ✅

    As for the map resetting @amosamos, map quests reset at different hours and are not in any way related to the Shop. Generally the game would always try to offer a good balance of missions difficulty-wise, however, if you have already completed all your lower level missions, it makes sense that you'd see slightly more difficult quests at that time. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this experience, let's head to the Suggestions section so we keep things on topic. Thank you! :) 
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