Mission difficulty changes

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Do the following features work?  I've only attacked missions up to level 30 for at least a month, but level 34 missions still appear.  My PPL is 29.

Mission difficulty changes

In Our World missions get more difficult as you progress, but what if you push too far and start seeing missions which are too tough to complete? From now on, if you feel you need to back off slightly, simply stop playing the most difficult Missions, and you’ll start to see the maximum difficulty reducing over time. When you are ready for more of a challenge, start playing difficult Missions again and your maximum Mission level will go up just as before.

How does it work?

If you don't play the hardest level missions you see on the map (that level is determined by the hardest mission you have ever won + 1, ie. "max difficulty"), the levels will start decreasing over time.

At the time of the release of the feature, the max difficulty is reduced by approximately two levels per week, unless you start playing the most difficult missions again. The maximum reduction is a total of five levels. The reduction will never impact the level of the easiest missions.

The difficulty reduction affects each mission type separately (note that Rescue and Encounter missions are considered the same type).

Missions with static difficulty, such as rare and epic infestations, are not affected and you will continue to see them as before.


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    since nobody answered, I will do my best.

    Do the following features work?

    Yes, it works. But it will decrease only 4 levels. So if you ever attacked a mission with lvl 39, your minimum is 34.

    My PPL is 29.

    Let me check this. Please call us your 5 strongest weapons and hereos.
    If you double check your powerlevel (and its correct with lvl 29) you should see missions from 20 - 31 (easy min and easy max level)
    In my opinion: If you have the feeling that there is something wrong: write a message to the ingame support.

    Best regards

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    Yes, that's still the case @deracine999. :)@fumpi is correct, with the important note that currently, this does not apply to Rare and Epic infestations. 
    Both of these exceptions are mentioned in the information you quoted above (up to five levels, excluding the Rare and Epic infestations).

    We are considering doing some changes to this system, more info will follow once confirmed. 
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    Why do you only exclude Rare/epic infests/bases and not also Camps ? They behave like infests in all other ways and have same unlock.
    We could really us a way to reset our mission difficulty. A purchased consumable to allow us up or lower our card levels to lower our minimum mission difficulty. And an item to lower beyond 4 our maximum difficulty. 
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