Cooldown 3h

Hey guys.
I don’t wanna discuss why there is a CD and I know most don’t care about that. I mostly try to use the Time before new round or new Season starts…

But I think to have 3h Cooldown is outdated. Our World - There are small groups, full groups, „single“ groups and alliance.
Talking about myself, I play in an alliance group. This season chilling 😎 in the middle (Group 3 of totally 5).
Easter Weekend my Lead asked me and my bf if we could change to Group 2, other players need a break more than we do 😅
On a day without work stuff, sitting and waiting for 3h sucks. 3h are not a short break like „oh I have a meal or watch a movie, I‘ll be back soon“. 

I am sure players would appreciate it if the CD would be reduced. 60min or 90min or even 120min should be enough. 
Please 🥺 


  • MrGooseMrGoose Member Posts: 9
    I agree the cool down time should be decreased, 3 hours are too much
  • BrendaTheGr8BrendaTheGr8 Member Posts: 12
    I also agree with the others that have posted. For those in an alliance, it would be awesome to be able to jump around and help the other teams finish out boards. As of now (especially trying to hop around on the last day of the week or before EOS) you have to wait 3 hours to help…then, (this pertains to EOS), you have to make sure you get back to your normal team in time before boards close to get through the 3 hour cooldown again to collect EOS rewards.
  • NachteuleNachteule Member Posts: 15
    I absolutely agree with what has been said above.  the cool down is much too long if at all then one hour would be enough.
  • ThottibärThottibär Member Posts: 2
    I agree with Sierra and think that a 3h cd is not necessary anymore, especially when you're playing in a clan, where you'd like to help the other groups within or even teams you're friend with. So, please think about that. 
  • Sheva69Sheva69 Member Posts: 23
    I completely agree, 3hrs is much too long, 1hr is a much more feasible number, I want to be able to help one of our other teams, but 3hrs is way too much lost play time, especially when you go back to your team and have to wait another 3hrs! 6hours of lost play time also = 6hours less spending time!!
  • john_dempseyjohn_dempsey Member Posts: 9
    edited April 21
    Agree that the 3 hour cool-down is excessive. Especially as you can’t claim the same board twice in the same week so not like there is any advantage to players swapping teams constantly. 
    It’s also frustrating as both a player and part of the teams leadership when a player joins and is unable to do anything for 3 hours. As above maybe an hour maximum would achieve your goal, while allowing the players to get on with what we want to do too.
  • Kay84Kay84 Member Posts: 1
    I have to strongly agree with Sierra. For a clan with multiple groups, a 3 hour cooldown is annoying and frustrating. It massively affects team play and friendly help among each other.
    30 minutes is desirable from my point of view. Best regards, Kay😘
  • HöckelebömmeleHöckelebömmele Member Posts: 34
    Hello, everyone.
    I don't know the background why there is a cooldown at all. But if it's mandatory, then it would be nice if the time could be reduced. I don't know how difficult it is to program to allow for internal changes in a large clan, perhaps without a cooldown. And to set a cooldown for an external change. But reducing the cooldown would be great!

  • RemorahRemorah Member Posts: 101
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    Sorry I don’t agree with this… this move was put in place as it only aids those in alliances and is so they can move groups and help each other which wouldn’t be fair to non alliance groups and can help their rankings over others… not having the cooldowns before brought the level requirements to tiles that made it so only high level players were allowed into groups otherwise a team couldn’t progess on the board… I am good with the cool down as not having level requirements makes it so everyone can join any group and play together… and the point of this game is to create a team recruit and work as a team to play and grow together and work through the boards for rankings… not cycle players through them to achieve ranking over others.
  • MorgenMorgen Community Manager, Staff Posts: 115
    edited April 21
    Thanks everyone! As far as I know there are some technical limitations around the current limit and it's also in place to ensure the game runs smoothly for all of us. I'll discuss that with the team and come back with the specifics. Just please have in mind we're a bit busy around the release right now so it may take a while to hear back from me.

    Also welcome to the forum everyone! 👋 I see a lot of newcomers, hope you enjoy it here and feel encouraged to share your thoughts. Stay safe!

  • Sheva69Sheva69 Member Posts: 23
    When a player joins a new group, they are clearly ready to play.....but can't for 3 hours. I think that's the biggest thing for us
  • scottmag14scottmag14 Member Posts: 57
    The point of the CD was to stop players from skipping around and getting cards they didn't earn.  The CD does punish Alliances.   How about code the game to recognize alliance and allows movement within?  Such as Leaders of Groups get to link them together, like accepting a FB Friendship.  Or how about you get one free group move (within X days) then the CD kicks in?   
  • RemorahRemorah Member Posts: 101
    I agree with the joining of a new group as in looking for a new home cooldowns would be nice to be non existence… first week of a new season maybe it can be removed …the cooldowns for keeping people from just moving and helping other teams should remain… alliances already give advantages to their groups by assisting  and help their groups with recruiting and matching members based of their kills etc… there is no need to cycle and help beyond that and the cooldowns is fair to other teams not in alliance etc 
  • ColdDacColdDac Member Posts: 6
    I agree, cool down is way to long 30 to 60 min would be better, I could easily help out other groups with my flares that I buy but instead I sit on them till I'm ready to use them in my main group, I guess it save buying more but I like to help so that wouldn't bother me getting more as I need them, plz rethink the cool down! 
    The cooldown does make it annoying to jump into different groups, however Remorah had an excellent point. It's not fair to teams of 25 only when an alliance has a few hundred people that can rotate into a single team to keep pushing. With that said during the hours between a round closing and opening, a 0 cooldown for people moving teams for the next round would be great.
  • SierraEchoSierraEcho Member Posts: 53
    Hey Guys, thanks to everyone for sharing your opinion and thanks to Morgen for following this.

    Like I said - our world has different type of groups and I used myself as example.
    I tried to keep it simple thats why I ask for reducing the time instead of any suggestions how to improve settings.

    We all play together. Sometimes you just want to join another group. Sometimes you would like to help some friends. No one wants a looter or chaotic jumping around.
    Even when I play in an alliance I think it would help everyone.

    Last year in summer there was the three dot issue with board 21 when group boards 2.0 was published. Step were to close the game or even to leave the group for a moment. That season NG adjusted the Cooldown Timer to make it easier for us.
    I am very attentive and I just remember good feedback about CD down timer, I didn’t had the feeling that players overused it or caused troubles.

  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 137
    edited April 22
    If I remember right there was time when groups at the very top of the leaderboard were rotating in players constantly (actually just one or two and one of them isn’t around anymore). Making it grossly unfair to teams that didn’t have those kind of resources.
  • SierraEchoSierraEcho Member Posts: 53
    Yes Miggz,
    thats one reason why the Cooldown was introduced. 

    But I am not talking about canceling the whole thing, I am asking for reduce 3 hours to maybe 1 or 2 h.
  • Captain_HaliSoldiersCaptain_HaliSoldiers Member Posts: 128
    Great discussion!  I do not jump from team to team.  HaliSoldiers is a longstanding team averaging high Gold to Mid Champion levels each season.  We have never been a top 200 team and are not part of an Alliance.   The cool down time is a huge detriment for us.  We get a flaRe party going and are using compasses to push through a board/tier only to be stopped in our tracks by the CD. 
  • Martir_2bMartir_2b Member Posts: 2
    Agree. 3 hours is a lot. Even if the CD was tiered in a way that as you progress (level up) your time was shorter compared to a newer player who should focus on playing. Level 30 and up CD 30 minutes; level 25-29 CD 1 hour; level 20-24 CD 1.5 hours; level 15-19 CD 2 hours. Ideally would be no Cool down. But, there are those players. 
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 154
    Hi, I just finished reading all the above posts.  And it just made me remember me a suggestion I made lonnnnnnngggg time ago concerning exactly that topic.   When re-reading it,  I think it still brings some very interresting points.  It's certainly not the perfect sollution but it kind of encompass everything that has been said above.  

  • AshyslashyAshyslashy Member Posts: 49
    Cooldown needs to be reduced 
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 154
    When I re-think about my suggestion above,  I realize that it has many flaws. The main one is that, sadly,  I fear it would only widen the gap between the top teams which are almost all "alliance based"  and the rest of the players.   Also, 5 friendly teams is probably way too big to manage.  Maybe just one friendly team is enough.  But then, what happens when the two teams have their 25 players?   Would it be possible to help a friendly team without actually leaving your own?   With a kind of pannel with a button "Switch my contribution to friendly team"  ?  And then everything you kill would go to the other team benefit but still with the "friendly tokens" system ?  And I guess a certain kind of limitation on the maximum of tokens you can aquire per day would be necessary to prevent abuses.  Naturally, all this are only ideas...  The main purpose of that friendly tokens system is to prevent having  random players joining your team 2 hours before board flips just to get the boards rewards.  THAT was sooooo annoying and insulting for those in the team who had work hard to bring the board near completion.  We don't want that situation back. 
  • Purple_Haze1Purple_Haze1 Member Posts: 1
    Three hour cooldown has killed the community since it started. I miss the zero cd. You could meet other players from other teams and then build a great rapport with other teams and members. This game needs zero and I mean zero cd. This game has become stale like a two week loaf of bread. Same old grind over and over and has become to redundant.  No cd, sure some teams would cheat by rotating players but I really don't care, those team already do things that NG turns a blind eye to. I miss the days of being to help out other teams and meeting new peeps. This game needs a shot in the arm IMHO. I vote for NO CD. 
  • fumpifumpi Member Posts: 58
    I also miss the zero cooldown. 

    The main reason of this cooldown was a better balanced gameplay as it was announced on reddit.

    But what was really happening is, that the community broke kinda apart. It is now really hard to recruit new players since you can't help befriended groups anymore. I also miss those event groups where a lot of players from different groups came together.

    So since those endless boards where implemented, you already gave away a lot of epic and legendary cards for those high tier groups. Because of this, the main reason for the cooldown is away and I think there is no need for this cooldown anymore.

  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 154
    edited May 2
    I think there was some kind of problems involving the huge baits parties when there was no CD.... The server had problems with that.  

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