Concerning Epic and rare missions since last update...

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Hi everyone.  I am creating this post to discuss of a problem some friends have brought to my attention since the new update and the changes made to the level of the rare and epic missions we see on the map now.  I want to know if some of you have met the same issues.  We know now that the level of these missions are bases on your player level.  They are not fixed level for everyone like they were before the update.  So no more level 5 rare infestations !!!  yeah!!!   But wait.....🤔    these missions had their utility.  Let me explain. 

Epic missions are now too hard to complete for some players

It is not all players who have all their epic weapons maxed out.  Even I, at level 34, have none.  My epic weapons are indeed my most powerfull ones but they are mostly 331/348 power.  We all know that an Epic mission of a certain level is harder to complete than a common one of the same level.   I can do easily a level 36 common infestation   but an epic one of the same level is quite challenging.  But fun!!  the rewards are worth it!  So, no complains here for me.   But this is were some of my friends encountered a wall.  Sometimes in the weekly missions, you have to beat one epic infestation,  only ONE!.  For players who are not as powerfull as top players,  it was easy before the update;  they only had to find a low level one and it was done.  Now some of them say that they can't pass the fourth or fifth round of the epic infestations they find on the map  and so can't complete their weekly missions. Even with a lot of grenades. The reason for that is that many "less active" players are still relatively high level (30, 31, 32....)  because they always did their daylie and weeklies.... so they got the xp to level up but they are lacking the firepower to do those missions now.  And I am pretty sure it must be the case with a lot of players.

During the last Shotgun mini-season

During that mini-season, we did get some difficult missions to complete individually.  The one I disliked the most was the one with  many headshots with the Sledgehammer.  At my level, even maxed out, the Sledgehammer can't kill anything.  The only way I could complete that mission was by finding a low level rare infestation and map it a couple of times untill it was completed.  Now with the update,  I am wondering how I could complete such a mission.  Those low level rare and epic missions were sometimes very usefull even for board completion.  

Epic Raiders bases way too hard now.

The situation is even worst with the epic Raiders bases.  Like I said, I am level 34..... And since the update I see mostly  level 30 to 36  epic raiders bases  on my map  and can't do any of them.  It is very frustrating.  It makes me wondering if those changes were made only to satisfy the top players who have maxed epic weapons and probably very powerfull legendary ones.  I understand that these players invested a lot of money in the game to have such powerfull weapons and that they should be listenned to but not if it penalyzed others.....  Of all my team I'm the one with the most powerfull guns.  My team is always ranked amounf the top 50 on the leadeboard  so  how is it possible now that I find myself in such a situation not being able to do the most rewarding missions on the map ???   

You know me,  I am not the kind of person to only criticize negatively.  I always try to analyze and see the ups and downs of a situation.  I think the last update brought a lot of amazing changes to the game.  You asked for our feeback concerning it.... here it is.  🙂  I am not saying that I want to go back to how it was before the update,  but maybe finding a kind of "in-between"  compromise ,   at least for epic missions. 



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    I agree epic raider bases are more challenging now, for high lvl players too. I am lvl35 with maxed epics. I see mostly lvl31-41 and while I can easily do up to lvl35 I only manage half of the 37 and very few 39 and no higher than that. This means that a large percentage of the erb I see I cannot do. But I suppose the total erb rewards is still better as I don't see the lower levels anymore, and with less energy as I just skip the 39+

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    👍 very well explained and it speaks from my heart.  I'm a hobby player.  but I also buy regularly 😉 am not on the board with my team.  Unfortunately, I've leveled up my power level quite unevenly over the years.  (stupid of me) and I can do high level missions with my strongest hero and weapons, but I can't do epic raids anymore, for example.  maybe the first stage.  epic raiders ambush no more tried everything .  I can't do some board quests because the hero and/or weapons aren't strong enough for my high missions... I see the point behind the innovation (and a lot of it is really great!) but I liked the easy blue and epic quests.  they were easy to do and helped me with the board and the missions.  I would be grateful if you could take something back there.  😊
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    finally a great update! no more this low lvl bases and infests. And it's great that it's  becoming a bit more difficult to play. Playing those low lvl missions was taken all the fun. 

    concerning Sledgehammer and other common weapons, with the update you can finally raise the power of them.  So play more and you will solve your problem.

    Those who are saying that it's difficult to play now the epic fests  - use more grenades. 

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    Sorry Goose Darling,
    I know you play like a Tank but I agree that I will miss the low level in Mini Season.
    I always upgraded my weapons in balance and I have problems too to complete highlevel raiders, so I just try to avoid them.
    But the lowlevel infest was always good for playing a Mini with a shitty weapon against specific Walkers.
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    Thanx for your comments.  I am realizing now that I too made the mistake of doing missions too high with my strongest gun  (Renegade bow) and I am paying the price right now.   Presently I can do only 30% of the epic raider bases I meet on the map.   I don't understand everything about PPL  but I kind of understand the basics.  A friend of mine suggested that I stop doing any raiders mission above 30 for a while to see if what I see on the map will go down.  I just find that sad to be forced to do that because I can easily do level 33 common raider bases and 31 rare ones.   I am also wondering, and some answer on that would be greatly appreciated,  if the levels of the raider bases I see depend only on my PPL and max bases I did  or  does it include ALL KIND of raiders missions like outposts and ambushes ??? 
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    Bases, outposts and ambushes are separate. Playing the highest level outpost won’t increase the highest lvl of bases and ambushes. With whisperer camps and infestations is different - they work together. FYI : the difficulty of a base not depends from the lvl of bases but of the amount of cards that you get as reward. Sometimes is like that : you can do a pink lvl 30 with 60 cards as reward but a pink lvl 29 with 62 can kick your ass. 
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    @MrGoose Thanx for the information.  I was hoping it was like that for the raiders but was not sure.  It's a good thing they are separate.  😉
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    Will you do something about it Next Games??? Game has been unplayable for epic missions since the update. And a lot of my teammates have now left the game because we are unable to complete epic missions anymore...
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    So I want to thank you Marbo!!! I have found exactly these same points and issues but didn’t have the time or energy to bring them forward… they are exact.

    I had no issue completing 35 epic rbs and now  I can’t even complete 33. Nades don’t even damage or scratch the barriers in front of the raiders or the raiders anymore either.
    Decreasing our power or increasing power of the walkers whichever happened was not fair… and double impacted by forcing us to fight with tons of tiles requesting be done with these weapons while  not have given us a chance first to increase them to some useable capacity. Instead of raising it should have been decreased as some leveled the heroes and weapons already not knowing this would come in affect and we can’t change or fix our PPL.
    Since they did this they should not have made the missions static as again we have not had the ability to increase the newly raised weapons making it harder for us to play all missions and now compounded with a lower player power/higher walker power has not been fun experience. The lower missions would have at least gave us a break and would have been way for us to them.

    The intent was good but needed to be implemented in phases and testing this with experienced players would have shown this and
    Yes to sledgehammer as well 

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    I know a lot of players that are really angry about this situation but I guess they don't post here so I hope the devs will fix this in the next update or they will lose me as well. I'm a long time player and level 31.
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    @Remorah Actually, I am pretty sure they have not change the strengh of the walkers or raiders.  The level 35 you did should have been exactly the same as the one you did before the update.  Some might explain it better than me though.  There is always differences you can meet in strengh for the same level of encounters.  Sometimes a level 35 might seem "easy" and on another time almost impossible to finish. But this post is not about that situation.   The goal of this post is to point out the difficulties some players are having now since the levels of the epic and rares missions are now based  on the PPL and not fix levels.  I can't talk for everyone.  Each player depending of his level  of activity, the choices he made with his weapons upgrade , the team he is, etc. etc  might have a different point of view.   

    As for myself, I did what has been suggested by my friend.  Not doing any raiders bases of any type above level 30.  And it helped.  I am not seing level 36-37 epic raiders bases anymore on my map.  The highest I have seen recently is 33.  So, the ratio of the ones I can do has increased  (24 to 29).  So just after the update, I was seing level 24 a 37  and could do about 43% of them.  Now without doing above level 30,  I see level 24 to 33 and my ratio is now 60% doable.   Many will say that the overall payback of these raiders bases is way better now than before  since we dont do very low level epic raiders bases anymore that gave around 5-6 epic cards.  So for me, the situation has stabilyzed.  But I know for sure that it is not the case with everybody.

    Having the levels of these epic and rare missions being calculated with your own PPL is a good thing.  But  maybe a little compromise would satisfy everyone.   What if the level of these missions was calculated this way:   Lets say your PPL   makes you see epic raiders base from level 20 to 30....  and your max is based on the highest one you have done.. lets says 32....  but that your min would be NOW your actual min - 3....   you would then be seing level 17 to 32....   It's just an idea but I think it would help a lot of players to be able to do their weekly epic infestation mission   and helps them participating more in some board missions requiring epic missions.
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    I’ve been playing this game long enough and killed enough of everything to know when something is wrong and has changed and understand ppl I am not stupid … and you just gave me basically an ng response which is why I didn’t bother saying anything prior and why people aren’t really bothering saying anything anymore. 
    I've done epic base lvl 34, cleared it. I've attempted lvl 29 epic base and could not for the life of me clear it. The strength  /  HP of raiders and zombies, to me, feel like they are not always the same. Same lvl mission, same zombie type, same weapon - sometimes 1 shot kill, sometimes 2 or 3 shots - all to the head, I've tried this with weapons that do not have dmg % chance modifiers * this is very noticeable with raiders. There is a lack of consistency with damage mitigation, rewards, and even how grenades behave. I've been told so many times that "nothing was changed with X" so I don't expect an answer or anything but wanted to chime in. The difficulty balance is not good, the system allows us to irreversibly make the game very difficult and very limited to what we can do or use. We desperately need a way to manipulate our PPL and max clear.
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    @Remorah I did not say anything about you being wrong.  I just said that it was not the purpose of this post. That's all.  And yes... you are right also; I tend to try to be as diplomatic as I can when I comment on something. Not trying to put only my personal point of view but instead trying to put myself into players with a different reality than mine.  But I assure you,  😂 I am not part of Next Game staff.  
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