New crate tiles

Simple idea to change up the crate tiles so it's not always "collect x crates". Introduce tiles where you have to collect a certian number of rare/epic crates instead or collect a certain amount of energy/grenades/coins from crates.


  • SierraEchoSierraEcho Member Posts: 54
    Hell no 😅
    Already spoke about this in German community.
    More dislike than likes.
    Enough to collect 1600 crates, no need to change tiles for searching certain stuff or only blue/pink.
    I don’t have that amount of these blue/pink to fulfilling 800 collections for board.
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 155
    edited May 13
    I kinda agree with @SierraEcho , lol.  When it becomes too specific too find, many players loose interest.  We saw that in the first exploring event.  What I am earing the most concerning the crate missions.... is to remove them completly.
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