Too many clics!

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Hi everyone.  This is something I have been wanting to discuss with you for a long time.  It's been bothering me since the free roam has been introduced in the game.  I am sure you will all agree with when I say that there is way too many clics at the end of each fight (except rescues). In fact, you have to clic FOUR times on 4 different pages in order to get out of that fight that you won and go on to the next one which brings a lot of wasted time on your roaming.  Sometimes when the lagg is great on the internet,  it can significantly reduced the amount of fights you can do with your compasses.   Please, would it be possible to at least reduce that number of clics by half??   It is so useless to clic on the bag... clic on the card to flip it.... clic on the cards (or coins)  to confirm that you have seen it.... come on.... we don't need that.   In fact what I would realy love would be that we can activate something called "QUICK REWARDS"  in the parameters and all the rewards after a fight would go directly into your inventory without you even seing them.   All my common and rare cards have been maxed for a long time now  as it is probably the case with a lot of players.  I REALY DON'T need to see how many coins I am getting after a fight... since most of the time... I am full at 9.5M   (and that also???  why 9.5M???)  .  





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    Seh ich genauso,immer das klicken nervt total und nimmt zu viel Zeit weg
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    Hey hey, thanks everyone for the comments! This has been brought up before and is on our radar.

    For now, we've identified the group board and the mission rewards screens as one of the main pain points. I'm sure you've been there - having to click through multiple reward confirmation screens in your group after missing just a day or two of playing, just to be able to contribute to the boards again. Ideally, we'd like to reduce the clicks (or taps) within the game as much as possible, but that's not always as straightforward as it seems. Due to how rewards are generated at the moment of these clicks, we've met some challenges - some of the changes would require a major revamp of the system on the technical side of things, which also means it will take time. We are still discussing what are the best ways to approach it, just wanted to confirm it's being considered along with other comments and suggestions we've received,

    And about having (or not having) the list of items received - I'm sure we'll get different opinions here. I personally know players who track every reward they receive and would still like to get the summary of rewards, but making the display optional somehow is definitely interesting. 🤔
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    @Morgen You are right about the clicking to collect your boards rewards after you have been away for a certain time is indeed sometimes painfull  but it does not "steal" time from you the same way as collecting your rewards after each fights while either  roaming  or when you are using an energy boost does.  I think those are two very different situations and both naturally needs to be addressed and I am glad to hear that you guys are looking into it.  

    My suggestion for having  a "SKIP" button is used in another game I am playing and it works just fine.   It is the same concept,  you collect crates that have a nice animation with 2 or 3 clicking steps and then you collect your reward.  But, you have that little "SKIP" button at the top that can accelerate things!  😁

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    Thank you, sharing these with the team :)
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