Group Points Balancing

fumpifumpi Member Posts: 58
Hey out there,

this new group point feature is nice, but it is very unbalanced. 

For example tier 8.3 tile 1 and 18
both will give you 600 points, but for tile 1 you need to clear 35 infestations as lone wolf
for tile 18 you only need to collect 15 crates. 
I think this might be one of the extrem variants, but there might be many more examples. 

Sadly I don’t know how to fix this issue, maybe bind the group points to the needed energy?

what do others think about this?

best regards 



  • MaeLDuiNMaeLDuiN Member Posts: 39
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    As soon as I heard about the feature, I knew it was going to work exactly like how it does now. And it works poorly at best.

    First two boards are alot easier than third board, but you get almost same amount of points from first board, or from second board, as you do from third board. This means you could just play first two boards, hoard a ton of points, let others do third board, and wow, you seem like the best player in the galaxy with your massive lead in points!

    Also, if you simply pick up pile of crates when board flips to a new one, you usually get most points from 2-3 different crate tiles, might even get a big chunk if there's a lone wolf. And again, you end up getting probably more points than the guy who goes the 100 infestation lone - and you haven't played a single mission.

    These different kind of tiles should be worth different amount of points. 500 crates lone cannot give the same amount of points as 200 infestation lone. 3 energy missions in general should give more points than 1 energy missions in general.

    There are so many different small things that are so wrong with the points system that I really am not even checking the points anymore and the feature has been up only for 24 hours..
  • FFSFFS Member Posts: 35
    Yeah. And there are more issues with this, for example:

    So it tells far from a complete picture. But better than nothing I suppose
  • lolocopter24lolocopter24 Member Posts: 18
    Pretty useless feature as it is now, as has been mentioned, if you are online for flips, especially for starting board 1 or 2 you can hoover up all the easy points, Lone Wolf tilesx are equally as bad.
    To be honest you could have spent the time introducing this feature that I'm pretty sure no one actually asked for, to sorting out the balance on Legendary weapons which high level players have been asking about for months.
  • fumpifumpi Member Posts: 58
    The simplest way to fix this fast is to calculate each tile point in energy (which is the only currency besides time..)

    so for example: 
    Rescue Mission, encounter - each one point
    for each specific walker killed - one point
    for each infestation or raider base round 3 points 
    crates… maybe one point each ten. 

    With such a simple calculation you will give us a simple overview how much energy (and time) each player throws into a tier, which will be way more helpful then this current… useless… thing. 

    To be honest: I was very excited when you announced this feature, but you really messed it up. 
    Hopefully someone from NG will respond and fix this this season (just make a simple migration…)
  • fumpifumpi Member Posts: 58
    Hello @NG_Filipe,
    any feedback from you or someone else from NG would be very nice…
  • LeginmaxLeginmax Member Posts: 39
    I quite like it it created more competition within group and yea there are easy tiles so hit them first 
  • АнунахАнунах Member Posts: 39
    This new feature is extremely unbalanced as was described above (also some tiles on board3 on tier25 is up to 15 times more difficult than board1). Another thing is that it can add unnecessary drama to the teams where someone will play for points not for the boards. 

    The only positive thing is that you can clearly see who's not playing at all without the need to wait until the week's end to calculate weekly stats. 

    IMO this feature should be either heavily balanced or dropped completely. In its current form it is close to useless. 

  • fumpifumpi Member Posts: 58

    IMO this feature should be either heavily balanced or dropped completely. In its current form it is close to useless. 

    Totally agreed. I don't understand, why NG doesn't respond here.

    And another thought: There are those Alexandria players with access to the beta. Are this players either players who doesn't play much and don't understand, what the playerbase want, or ignores NG their feedback too?
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 619
    NG is aware of and taking note of player feedback. 

    As with any new feature it will take some time to get feedback and internal data about the feature to make determinations about how the feature functions and ways to improve the feature. 
  • GymSnatcherGymSnatcher Member Posts: 12
    Can anyone tell me do you have to finish in the top 10 to get points? 
  • David12David12 Member, Staff Posts: 17
    Your feedback above is being taken in to consideration as we look to improve this feature
  • jobbyjobby Member Posts: 7
    I agree with all the feedback.  I appreciate the idea, but the approach and implementation are off.  Basically, just complete the low end lone wolfs like build or upgrade buildings and you'll be racking up points, meanwhile, you'll have another member at the bottom maybe spending hundreds of energy completing missions across the board.
  • HughJarsolHughJarsol Member Posts: 9
    I just got 2700 points for building two buildings. The biggest points giving tile on the board. What’s that all about? How much effort does that require?!?

    it definitely needs to be rebalanced.
  • RosieNuRosieNu Member Posts: 47
    Why is this still going on and still not been addressed, its an absolute joke the way the points are handed out on a board. Are you responding to this NG, it's been a year now? 
  • MorgenMorgen Community Manager, Staff Posts: 198
    Hi @RosieNu, this is still on our list and was recently discussed but we haven't been able to find a solution so far. The feature was designed with group effort in mind, not so much focusing on the individual rewards, but we understand some players may "cheat" their way to the top with what is considered quick and easy tasks. A fix is not as straightforward as it seems, it would require a complete reworking of the group boards, which also means a lot of dev time invested in it, and there were some other improvements that just had to come first. I'll bring it up again next time we discuss improvements and let you know if we have any updates. 
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 144
    At the end of the day, why does it matter if you get the same amount of points on east effort tiles?  As Morgen said the point of the game is teamwork, there are 0 bonuses/perks given for individually finishing high on your personal groups points.  Seems like a waste of resources that could be dedicated to other ideas/aspects of the game
    (Ahem….cough cough……Trading Post overhaul).
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 155
    Thinking the same as  @Miggz .It would start to matter if there was a reward for finishing first contributor.... but since there is  none.... I don't mind if some players jump on easy mssions first to give a false impression of being a good contributor.  It is amazing how fast the building tiles get done!   
  • ShortyKaiserShortyKaiser Member Posts: 67

    The points for building the shelters are way too high.  Some players get the points and are then offline again as if they were in hibernation

  • RosieNuRosieNu Member Posts: 47
    Migz and marbo, the point is what shortyKaiser said, some player will jump on and take the easy points then nothing,  leaving the other tiles for the rest. Now I know that everyone seems to think if your in a dream team where you work together it doesn't matter but it's not always like that, when some others are slogging to finish "x" amount of other missions for half or less points, spending energy to complete them, where builds essentially cost nothing..
    Thank you for responding NG/Morgen
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 144
    if it’s really a problem, then the group leader needs to take the initiative to track numbers.  takes all of 2 minutes to do.  if you’ve got a person that is just doing building missions then doing nothing while the remaining members do all the heavy lifting then remove them.  Having a full team accomplishes nothing if 1/2 the team is only there to be rewarded by someone else’s effort.  Yes, i am in one of the higher progression groups in the game currently but had the same mentality when i was still lead in a less active group.  it’s all about setting expectations and being willing to enforce them.
  • MiltonbyronMiltonbyron Member Posts: 18
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    This is a great point and something as a new leader, I thank you guys for posting it.

    I just figured out people coming in, claiming rewards, which resets their activitiy log. But they show as not contributing to the board, so I warn them and then boot them if nothing changes. Usually this happens to the new people that jump in and do nothing anyway. We have a 3 day inactive policy before the limo comes and takes them off the island anyway, lol

    I agree to you have to set rules for the group and not be afraid to enforce them. 
  • RosieNuRosieNu Member Posts: 47
    edited July 3
    Miggz yes we do track players numbers, so it highlights anyone doing that and they get removed  but my point is  if the points system was more balanced it wouldn't even be an issue.  
  • HowgeeHowgee Member Posts: 22
    I agree all comments before. Would be nice to use the contribution table for activity check, instead of counting numbers outside the game. Most clans count on played mission. For non energy based tiles - like house building, lower points would be better. An energy based contribution calculation would be efficient and helpful ingame to keep track of players efforts. Thank you Morgan for discussing our feedback.
  • shambhujiii40shambhujiii40 Member Posts: 1
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    I agree to you have to set rules for the group and not be afraid to enforce them. 

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