Suddenly no energy drops from common supply crates.

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I just spent 3 entire free roams looking for energy drops. Not a single common crate contained any energy. I found 4 rare crates, giving me 3-4 energy each. But that's not what I'm confused about.

I was grinding out the last few whisperer kills to complete the currently running mini season goals.

After spending some real money and then finding my self just shy of being able to complete the goals because of low energy, i figured I'll just roam for a short while and loot the missing energy, instead of cashing out more real money for this one thing.

This is when it all started; NEVER have i been so unlucky not to hit a single energy drop for more than maybe max 10 crates. I've looted probably 60-100 crates with ZERO energy drops.

I can, literally, not finish the current mission goal (75 whisperers kills, 5ish left) in time without spending more money.

My question is: How come? Do you vary the drop rates of energy? If so, how would I have known?

I feel extremely cheated and manipulated. If this is a thing, I'll instantly regret the money I've spent.


  • MorgenMorgen Community Manager, Staff Posts: 236
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    Hi @ellis, I'm sorry to hear about your experience.

    As you mention you've been playing non-stop for a while, I have an idea of what happened. You should have in mind that we've had a long history of players trying to spoof their location just to open as many crates as they can. This is considered cheating and is against our rules - it is not how the game was designed to be played and is also unfair towards everyone else. To prevent such exploits in the game, the amount of energy that can be claimed from supply crates in a relatively short period of time is limited. You may notice that it would decrease over time until you take a longer break from energy hunting, during this period you'd still get the rest of the items from the supply crates you open.

    I hope that clarifies why we have this mechanic in place. If it happens again, I'd suggest giving it a few hours to recover, then you should be able to get energy from crates again. If you have any more questions about your account or resource usage, feel free to contact our in-game support, they are usually able to verify that right away. 

    Thank you and stay safe! 
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