Rare whisper rescues not counting for rare rescue tasks

rabbit276rabbit276 Member Posts: 8
"- Whisperer Rescues count as both Whisperer Missions and Rescue missions in Group boards and quests to help speed up your progress."

Stands to reason the same would go for rare missions but it does not.  Just finished tier 10 which had a rare rescue task but none of the rare whisper rescues I did counted for it.


  • MorgenMorgen Community Manager, Staff Posts: 257
    Hey @rabbit276, I believe they should count but we will double-check.
    Please send us a support ticket through the game so we can verify that for your account and correct it if needed. 

    To send a ticket:
    - tap on your Profile picture in-game
    - choose "FAQs & Contact" at the bottom
    - then tap the Contact button in the top right corner

    Thank you!
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