Season Details and Schedule: Laid to Waste

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Season Details: Laid to Waste

Hope you had a chill Summer Season because it's time for action! Laid to Waste Season has just begun! 💪
  • Complete Group Boards and participate in events throughout the Season to earn Season Tokens
  • Use your Season Tokens to unlock more cards in the Shop: NEW Mythic Wrecker Shotgun, Legendary Hershel, Legendary Reclaimer Shotgun, Epic Mercer and more!
  • New Consumable Offers will be available each round in the Season Shop

Group Board Rounds:
Due to a popular request, we are bringing back the longer Seasons! Yep, we'll be testing a 6-week group board this Season, details below:

The "Laid to Waste" Season is longer than usual with 6 Rounds! All Rounds begin at 12:00 UTC:
  • Round 1: July 14th
  • Round 2: July 21st
  • Round 3: July 28th
  • Round 4: August 4th
  • Round 5: August 11th
  • Round 6: August 18th
  • 🏁 Season ends August 24th

Season Shop Offers

What's new this Season?
  • New Mission Type: Whisperer Rescue 😱

Watch out as Whisperers may be lurking in your Rescue missions now!
This one was inspired by many of your suggestions on social media and we thought we should give it a try.       
 - Whisperer Rescues count as both Whisperer Missions and Rescue missions in Group boards and quests to help speed up your progress.
 - Any Whisperer kills done in Rescue missions count as Whisperer kills as usual.
Note: Whisperer Rescue missions may take a while to populate but they'll be there.. when you least expect them. 😏

  • Event Schedule
Group boards start right away as usual. Since we have the Anniversary events running in July, the Season events (Explore quests, Token event, Milestone event) will only start on August 1st and after, stay tuned for an updated event schedule.

We hope you enjoy the Season and any feedback - let us know!


  • MorgenMorgen Community Manager, Staff Posts: 257
    Hi everyone,

    As mentioned, this Season is a bit longer so we thought we could use an event calendar :) 

    Here's the schedule for the first three weeks (including this weekend):


    More details will be shared with the announcement of each event. We will let you know in case of changes.
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    Hi Survivors, 

    Please see below for the second part of the Laid to Waste Season events:

    We have several events planned for next week - that's in case we reach the 4th Community Goal by Sunday!
    Remember to clear your daily dose of Raider Outposts to help everyone out! :)

    The 2x Coins event (if the goal is met) will require Hero Training Tokens, more information will follow on Monday if we made it to that event. 🤞

    More information on the upcoming weekend events will also follow soon. Thank you for your patience and stay safe!
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