'For you' shop not available to all our group?

Good day,

Some of our group members don't have the 'for you' in the shop.  Is there a reason for this?  

Great to have a 6 Round Season
Great rewards with the world challenges
Great extension time on Roam

Captain G of HaliSoldiers


  • MorgenMorgen Community Manager, Staff Posts: 257
    hey @Captain_HaliSoldiers and thank you for the feedback! Happy to hear you like the events and recent changes :) 

    We've discussed the 'For You' offers in this thread before. These are personalised offers and they'd not always appear at the same time for everyone so that's expected, hopefully, your teammates will get them some time soon too!

  • Captain_HaliSoldiersCaptain_HaliSoldiers Member Posts: 145
    Thanks for the quick response Morgen!  I'll let my team know

    Captain G
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