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sixfivesixfive Member Posts: 21
here are a few suggestions that I think could make game play better.
1. a speed slider when using compass. The ability to slow your speed from your max would be helpful. sometime the speed is too fast when you're searching for specific missions.
2. A reload button on raider missions. I would like the ability to reload before empty on raider missions. It would be useful when the raider duck for cover, perfect time for a reload. Never fails, you have 3 rounds left and they duck and then you're reloading when they are attacking.
3. Translucent Heroes. I hate doing and infestation and have my hero block my view on a headshot mission. They get in the way and you miss out on a couple hits. 
4. All one type walker infestation. for example an all armored walker or all heavy walker infestation. right now, at most we see about (6) heavy or armored walker in any mission but we're see tiles in the season call for 500 armored headshot with sniper etc... 
and lastly
5. a grenade launcher perk not a weapon. it would allow you throw grenades as current or used the launcher to shoot (3) at a time in a spread pattern with grenades exploding on impact. it would probably mean more grenade sales since you would exhaust supply faster than usual.

I offer these since I'm seeing great improvements in the game and hoping to see more. Thanks in advance, SixFive


  • liftindivaliftindiva Member Posts: 28
    I may have posted this in the wrong place so I'm posting it here as well. I love the "For You" shop, but we need more consumables added or shops with just consumables. At least once a season, please have a "For You" shop with ENERGY!! Grenades are always needed as well. Heroes and weapons are nice but some of the tiers are so energy hungry, an upgraded weapon or hero can't do anything without energy. I bought out the shop when you had energy, compasses, flares, maps, etc and would have kept on buying if more were offered.  Please please consider adding a consumable "For You" shop each season in addition to any hero or weapon shops planned. Or, at the very least, add a consumable to the weapon and hero shops to ensure that the upgrade can be used. Thank  you
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