🗣️ 19.0: General Feedback & Discussion Thread (Pro Patch 19.0 & Missions)



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    @Remorah - it could be related to the lag, but I personally haven't heard of this one so far. Does restarting the app help update the tiles? There could be a delay sometimes but it shouldn't be all the time. Please reach out to our support team if this is a frequent occurrence, we can have a look at your account/s from there and pass along the details to the team.

    @lolocopter24 - as mentioned earlier, not all suggestions are doable due to technical limitations. Increasing the playable radius is not possible for example; Daryl's bike is already at its max radius, and the Flare radius is just using your own radius - depending on if you're using the bike or not, there's no separate value for the Flare radius. I know things may seem very easy to change, but that's not how the code works and we should also be extremely careful with any changes to the main game mechanics. Flares can now be extended by the group and up to 5 times per Flare with the changes from today so hopefully, that helps there. I am not familiar with how the respawn timers work, will have that checked with the team.

    On a side note, in an attempt to streamline the communication, I've merged some of the existing threads, here's what we have:
    Let's stay on topic and stick to the threads above, thank you very much. 
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    Gotta call some BS on that, infestation used to be 4 hour respawns now they are 1 hour, it's two digits of code 60 to 30, or 30 to 15 for rescues/encounters, it's really not rocket science.
    If you can't increase mission density then increase mission frequency to compensate, still won't be as good as before but will be a damn sight better than it is now.
  • GregDay1playerGregDay1player Member Posts: 5
    Gotta call some BS on that, infestation used to be 4 hour respawns now they are 1 hour, it's two digits of code 60 to 30, or 30 to 15 for rescues/encounters, it's really not rocket science.
    If you can't increase mission density then increase mission frequency to compensate, still won't be as good as before but will be a damn sight better than it is now.
    Seems like they see and create more problems than solutions. Lag time and black screen after every mission is ridiculous and it should be fixed asap. Instead they talk and write and the game is still not fixed. 
    Killin_It said:
    Patch notes:

    🗺️ New Map Provider
    We have mentioned before that we were working on implementing a new map provider.


    What does this mean?
    We do not expect any major changes


    You're my kind of smart-ass! I like you!
    trustno1 said:
    Dear NG team,
    now I have to pay you a great compliment. The performance has increased many times over. No more lags, everything runs smoothly. This saves me from having to buy a new smartphone. Thank you so much! Plus the ability to collect all the rewards with one tap! Terrific!
    The new map is also great. Clear :-) and above all finally fair!! Because now, I hope, it looks the same everywhere! No more certain hotspots that only certain players or teams had access to!
    Okay, the option to automatically extend the signal doesn't work yet. But you can definitely get that under control!

    Best update in years! A lot of thumbs up!!

    My experience is quite the opposite.
    Lag between missions has increased.

    3 dot loading screens are now the norm.

    Lag between everything makes it hard to enjoy for too long. If every transition needs a load screen, rethink how missions play and reduce the number of screens to click through. 

    If map missions going up in quantity is the reason for most lag, can't the game be made to load in missions in a different matter? Is our entire town pre loaded regardless of what direction we go? Are spawns made around us like pig pen's dirt cloud? Can the mission info come in and out differently, and multi mission infest / base / camps be reworked to cause less server stress equaling more lagg? 
    Killin_It said:
    Sand glitch - previously the yellow sand was a solid block of yellow. Now it strobes between various blue pattern glitches on the sand.
    That's a feature, regular sand is SO boring. 
    Reduce the respawn timers, 10 minutes for 1 energy missions, 20 minutes for infestation/whisperer camps, increase free roam duration to 40 minutes, double flare times, double playable radius.
    These are all easy fixes and none have been implemented.

    I'd also like to suggest 2 minutes to recharge 1 energy as well. The timer now, the energy cap, the low rechargeable amount and the introduction of unlimited escalating numbers dominated by tiles requiring 3 energy missions demand it.
    The new daily relief bundle is a big help! Thanks for trying to understand what might actually help balance out recent changes! 
  • RosieNuRosieNu Member Posts: 72
    Yes, thank you for the increased relief crate and increased energy drop, these will help out while you work on the issues. 
  • ShortyKaiserShortyKaiser Member Posts: 147
    Also die tägliche Kiste ist super, das löst zumindest das Problem, dass immer die gleichen im Team für Leuchtfeuer sorgen müssen, nämlich die, die regelmäßig Leuchtfeuer kaufen um alle bei Laune zu halten. Für weitere Verbesserungen drücke ich die Daumen, Ideen gab es ja reichlich hier, da geht bestimmt noch was !
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    Thank you. Great update. Awesome. You have done a great service. Thanks to this amazing update I will now spend more time reading my kindle app than playing. The excuses are hilarious.
    The new map provider is awesome. They were chosen for their availability,  reliability and flexibility. You can do our work for us by adding stuff. How's that for flexible! 
    Bugs that needed attention?  Holy crap, understatement of the year. 
    The free crap is useless unless you're going to spit out a metric buttload of free compasses every day since some of us can't reach much of anything without them now. 
    Yeah, I'm pretty much done with the game. 
  • ShortyKaiserShortyKaiser Member Posts: 147
    Ich war gerade wandern, also die Missionsdichte hat sich definitiv verbessert, ich finde zwar immer noch keine alten Stellen weil alles grün ist, aber vielleicht gibt es ja wirklich neue Hotspots. 
    Nur das mit dem Ödland, da müsst ihr noch was machen.
    Ich bin erst Mal zufrieden. 
    Spielleistung ist gut.
  • fumpi_the_secondfumpi_the_second Member Posts: 18
    So I want to start with a:
    it’s getting better. But it’s still far away from good. 

    Let’s do some math:
    before the map change:

    7-8 static missions  (rescue/ encounter)
    6-7 infestations / whisperer camps 

    3 static missions (rescue/ encounter)
    6 static infestations / whisperer camps 

    Reduction of 60% playable missions on my homespot 

    Let’s say: „hey it’s okay when there is one infestation/wc less“. That’s a thing I could live with. 
    But there are still 60% less missions to play as before. It’s nice that you will give all of us free roams, but to be honest: I don’t want always waste my time by searching new hotspots or specific missions when they where around before the change. 

    it’s a first step to increase the mission density (I guess it is now 5-10% higher as it was initial), but for me (and I guess many others) it’s not enough. 

    Possible solution:
    @Morgen wrote earlier, that there where now more missions around. This might be the case, but as we all know, those Google POIs or simplified said, the missions in the game, where around an area where ppl live. 
    Now the missions are spread all over the world. To have the same amount of playable missions, it might be the simplest and best solution, to double the radius of the playable range. 

    Best regards
  • lolocopter24lolocopter24 Member Posts: 32
    Equally halve the respawn timer.
  • NoodlesNoodles Member Posts: 25
    Equally halve the respawn timer.
    That is probably the simplest and easier solution.
    @Morgen just wanted to note the unkillable raider in ambush during sole survivor when the team is dead. This raider left/middle hides behind the wall and cannot be shot. Happened more than once recently and I'm not even playing a lot. This bug alone makes me want to uninstall. On top of this the tile needs a legendary weapon clear with ambush. Difficulty Balance was never properly addressed, most missions are unplayable with a huge portion of my card collection. 

    I don't know how there can still be such glitches as an unbeatable mission? 

    Take ambush out of the game, it's broken 80% of the time, the rewards are terrible given the difficulty and I bet 9 times out of 10 unless there's a board need, nobody is willing hitting ambush for fun or loot. Minimally remove or change ambush board requirements if you won't remove this pointless mission wasting spawn spot.

    I can't even try to get back into the game because every 1 good there's 5 bad and 2 absolute WTF is you all doing over there?
  • GregDay1playerGregDay1player Member Posts: 5
    So? Are you working on fixing that lag after every mission? I need straight answer YES or NO. 
  • MorgenMorgen Community Manager, Staff Posts: 305
    Hi @GregDay1player, it was mentioned multiple times that we are looking into it.
    The fix would be to decrease the number of Missions on your map (even the ones you don't currently see!) so I believe you'd all agree that's not it. We are investigating and trying to find a better solution. What would help is sending us a support ticket so we can have a look at your account and device and share that information with the team. Thank you for the understanding.
  • ShortyKaiserShortyKaiser Member Posts: 147
    Also unser Team macht geschlossen weiter !! Das mit der täglichen Kiste hat auch zu einem höheren Leuchten Aufkommen geführt..aktuell haben wir 7. Dann macht es auch wieder Spaß!!
    Schönes Wochenende
  • RosieNuRosieNu Member Posts: 72
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    This is unplayable watch this to the end, it one infest and one rescue with flare travel. Guess how long that should take?
    Answers on a postcard to NG
    Check out this Video: SVID_20220923_220108_1

  • qpw_stuqpw_stu Member Posts: 18
    So? Are you working on fixing that lag after every mission? I need straight answer YES or NO. 
    Are you "the" Greg ?
  • Killin_ItKillin_It Member Posts: 50
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    RosieNu said:
    This is unplayable watch this to the end, it one infest and one rescue with flare travel. Guess how long that should take?
    Answers on a postcard to NG
    Check out this Video: SVID_20220923_220108_1

    Holy cow ! That is feckin' awful :o

    Weirdly, that horrendously long blank, three dot, loading screen lag after each mission l something I've never seen whilst playing ? It's a few seconds at most for me.

    Tbh I'd have given up and left a looooong time ago if that's what you guys have been suffering with all this time.

    As I've said before the big issue (delay-wise) for me is the 5 - 10 second (in-mission) delay after picking up a crate !

  • RosieNuRosieNu Member Posts: 72
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    I don't really know if this belongs here but looks the most appropriate place.
    I feel Somethings have been improved,
    *The map is moderately better for misions spread but definately more in coastal areas than rural like you said you were aiming for.
    *I have noticed a massive decrease in crates in all areas. 
    *The lag has improved but still bad, the black 3 dot screen after every mission is as bad for sure. 
    *the flare travel is awful, minimum of 30 seconds easily. 
    *The "claim all" button does not work, initially I thought it was better but its not really, you still have to tap 4 times per crate /drop to claim it, why not just 2. And on all of them, bases, daily, weekly and board.  Not just end of board. 
    *Different missions in flares for players is still happening though not too much in my group. 
    *A way to see who is extending flares would be good too. 
    *The extra flares and maps daily are helpful (may not seem much if you buy them but is if you don't) to the team
    *As Shorty says the lines are still missing above missions and crates on the map which makes it difficult to spot stuff in the distance. 
    *I realise the place names do have anything to do with you directly but is also annoying having everything called wasteland. 
    It does seem your trying to fix it but please keep us posted, lack of communication is a killer. 
    I will add to this as I find more

  • ShortyKaiserShortyKaiser Member Posts: 147
    Die weißen Linien fehlen leider immer noch.
    Und dass alle Leuchten Ödland heißen nervt auch.
  • RosieNuRosieNu Member Posts: 72
    The claim all button is totally wrong, on the boards I would have expected it to just collect all from one board but no, it carries over to the next board. I can see why that's a problem. I didn't realise it did this initially but I don't want all boards turned without a choice. And still I have to tap 4 times for each pack? na ah, this needs fixing 
  • jns54jns54 Member Posts: 17
    There's one of the change I noticed.  The "beacons" showing the rare, epic, and legendary targets or crates aren't sticking in the game.  They show in the distance and then disappears when completing a close by target. Or they are not showing as often as they did in Google Maps layout.
    Some of the time, those beacons change color, for instance, I saw an Epic infestation, so during the gameplay it changed the type from Epic to Rare, this taking away my ability to take care of an challenge doing Epic Missions.
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 665
    @jns54 the issue with the light beams being visible in the game is a known issue that has been shared by NG with the player base.  NG continues to work correcting this issue.   

    Missions rarity can change over time on the maps, with rare and epic missions this is indicated by a timer at the top of the mission information screen.  If you experience a mission changing rarity mid-play of that mission that was not close to the timer expiration please screenshot and submit an in game support ticket including information about the mission, be sure to include your game information as well as the time this occurred in UTC (or local time with time zone noted).   This will allow NG to check on the situation using specific data from your account. 
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