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  • Personally - I LOVE being able to gift my team! While I do understand the reasoning behind the pricing (ie 400 gold x 25 people etc...) I still feel under general public, especially since so many are still on lock down, going back on lock down, unemployed etc... the pricing does need to come down. This would generate more…
  • Nachteule said:........ I don't know how the groups were put together, but it was a bit unfair that there was a level 30 player with a level 22 player in a group, so it was clear who would win........ I just wanted to expand on this part of Nachteule's comment -- the groups were totally random in how they were put…
  • I dont know the "game" reason behind it - thus am assuming zbot's response covers that - but I can add that a lot of groups/teams form "alliances" Where a group of different teams come together to share game knowledge, socialize, work to help each other out etc... initials in parentheses behind a team name that is part of…
  • SO! Just for giggles, and because I was totally curious... I bit the bullet and did a round using ONLY grenades'. I did not fire my weapon one time. I am in the Champion round testing this. This is what I learned, and my personal experience obviously - figured I'd share. A) frustrating... have to toss one just to get them…
  • it's obvious from all the posts, that this game is no longer enjoyable for you JZom... so why are you still playing? And I'm not saying that to be snarky, I'm honestly curious here. I'm trying to understand the blatant hostility in your posts. I can understand staying due to curiosity about the tournament - it's something…
  • I think by "teams" Marbo meant their hero/weapon combo. Анунах said: 
  • @Dahlia that is actually GREAT info to know... Its good to know that if you cant get into the game, there IS another source available where we can get help. I had no idea this option was here till this question was answered!!
  • I love this idea as well... I think every team I've been in, this ability has been mentioned as "I wish we could..." When in a Leader position, it would be wonderful to "give a prize" or reward the team in general... give the team a challenge, and then be able to reward etc. Sure beats buying (for example) google play…
  • totally intrigued and in - app just submitted. Beware - I talk... a LOT.... and a pirate deff has opinions that shes not afraid to share lol.
  • TWICE now :chuckles: Shooting for 3x just cuz we're badass and love the grind and challenge!