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  • Thanks for clearing that up, surely having all cards included into the total would of made more sense, as on first glance without your explanation people would think either everyone is getting the same amount of cards or somebody’s calculator is broken. ;) thanks for the clarification. 
  • I like the feature its great having something different! a question on the Rewards on round 6, what is the 158 in the end column for? the numbers dont add up so just wanted to know what the 158 is?
  • Completely agree with everyone here it’s useless now, just because someone couldnt be bothered to to flick a switch to stop roaming you slow it down for everyone, you need to reverse this! Like buying a Ferrari at the showroom and you delivering a push bike!
  • Absolutely disagree with the change that has been made, i worked on getting this card upgraded based on the speeds i was getting, if it was going to be dropped i wouldn't of bothered, the break is when you click the switch that stops you free roaming, its not hard to click so that you stop. I want my cane levelled back to…
  • Not gonna have a chance at clearing this event if the bases don’t come out from hiding!! 
  • I have some data but, it’s being looked at to be improved so I stopped collating the information, basically always try and drop at your own safehouse, the rewards at the moment are better if your the founder and leader, also as dahlia says the higher the safehouse level and the higher your level the more you get.
  • I've been tested once wouldn't like to be tested again it was not pleasant! i didn't have it, doctor told me it had a 30% false positive rate as well so to me barely worth doing if its only 70% accurate
  • I'am Bob, I currently play in Candyland, Love the game and the people I've got to know playing it, If it wasn't for the people i probably wouldn't be here writing this right now, I love Data and creating resources to help people play the game more effectively. I have 4 Kids so Trying to juggle 45 hours a week working, them…