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  • TangoWhiskeyDel is your huckleberry! Come over and claim your seat, reap the rewards and enjoy one of the best independent guilds in the business of NML slaying! We will wait for you! Team oriented guilding at it's finest. Thanks for looking!
  • Under new brilliant management, we continue to look for a few team members that fit our profile. Strong, leveled players are in high demand and you deserve the best service offered. We take the task of guilding seriously. TangoWhiskeyDel has always focused on the importance of details in our guild. You can trust that we…
  • The game has been frought with glitches and War issues. Players come and go. Its hard to adjust to inconsistency. While NG tries to work it out, TangoWhiskeyDel knows the fire drill. We have run the same program since inception with only implementing improvements. You can rely on our guild to have your back. We are a solid…
  • Love your guild and your guild will love you! TangoWhiskeyDel has one last vacancy for that special someone. Tell a friend, or secure it for yourselfishly 😄 Great, long life guild that knows how to treat a player. Give us the opportunity to host! You won't be disappointed. Thank you to all for the forever welcomed support!
  • Two spots available. We are interested in a player, long term that is a good match for our small private guild. Let us know if you would like to visit for a trial. Thanks!
  • Our guild is ready to welcome a new player to the team. A long term, serious, self-starting NML'der excites us. If you have these qualities and are looking for reliability in a guild, we can be your vessel. Give us a shout to start the next challenge and upcoming season on a fresh trial basis. Good luck to all potential…
  • Does your current guild have you looking for a change? TangoWhiskeyDel is a long standing independent guild in need of dedicated, communicative, team players to fill permanent spots on our roster. Organized and professional! Merciless, yet respectful.1350 ⭐ Challenge minimum, GW competitive, we are a regular resident of…
  • We have openings available for serious players!
  • @Xenathewarrior , I understand. Thanks again. We actually don't typically accept alts, for future reference. Good luck!
  • @Xenathewarrior, Our minimum is 1350. Thank you very much for reaching out. Nice to meet you
  • Super proud of TangoWhiskeyDel! 
Today, I have the pleasure of announcing, 
5 Million Star Milestone! 
Congratulations gang! Thank you for all the dedication and making Tango a fantastic independent guild. 👏 🍻 
Its been a long time coming and we haven't ever taken success for granted. Thanks to…
  • TANGO has a seat at theWHISKEY bar so don'tDELay! Take a seat in our guild and be one of our regulars! We are ready and waiting to serve you as a member of our unique team. Give us a shot to earn your respect as a fantastic inde guild in NML. TWD has invested hours of time and consideration in to building the gang of…
  • TangoWhiskeyDel has one position available this week. Please schedule a visit with us. We are looking for a team oriented player with a firm grasp of the game, strength and a sense of commitment. We offer one of the best independent guild experiences in NML. Tango values respect and takes a personal approach to guilding.…
  • TangoWhiskeyDel has one spot available this week. We are well organized, kind and experienced players. Seeking the same from a potential teammate. We have spent years honing our guild to a sharp representation of peak performance. Come for a visit and see if we are what you have been looking for. Thanks for your interest,…
  • Tango has a few new players and looking to continue our growth as a guild. We pride ourselves on offering one of the best places to play in the game. Exceptional leadership, gamesmanship and friendly conversationalists. We support excelling personally and help to achieve new limits. You can't go wrong with TangoWhiskeyDel.…
  • If you score 2k or better we are interested in becoming acquainted with you. Consider us for a potential visit or permanent seat. Even if you aren't ready to move yet, we are always available to answer any questions. We have a blog that contains all of our achievements available for viewing. Let's make contact and keep the…
  • As one of No Man's Land's "good, old original" guilds, TangoWhiskeyDel serves with integrity. We are always on the lookout for players that match our hardcore identifying classification. Fresh contacts with players in the community is something we endear. Our roster is comprised of great people that get along together…
  • TangoWhiskeyDel is hanging a new minimum this week! 1350 stars will be the new target for us. We have a seat open for ONE battle-scarred killer. If you are proficient in the game and looking for a great guild, our reputation for quality precedes us. Join the team and give us the opportunity to show you that we are a…
  • Needing one player to fill a 2k star void in our gang of killers. Great communication and personnel in our guild. Come check us out for a visit or permanent. Thanks for following our progress!
  • Tango's your Huckleberry! Come check us out for a week. We aim to please. Think you can rise to the top of our leaderboard? That's just our game! Great friendly atmosphere that encourages progress by sharing experience! We have over 2,057,848 stars currently on the roster. Low turn over and rare opportunity to get in the…
  • Howdy all! Looking for one. Experienced, a must. Had a player leave early in the season and looking for help with war. We are a senior guild in NML. TangoWhiskeyDel is a dedicated guild intent on offering a great place to play. Come for a visit or stick around. Grab a seat at the Whiskey bar and become our newest regular!…
  • Room for one qualified visitor or permanent teammate. Let us know you skill level and see if we can get you in here. Thanks! Good luck.
  • Room for one highly qualified player. Experience is preferred. Thanks for followings!
  • Calling 2k players! Come to Tango! Looking for strong and reliable teammates to join our crew. Thanks for considering us!
  • As the leader of TangoWhiskeyDel, I proudly announce that for the first time in our history we made the list of all time GW scores. 
We continue to look for strong players that fit our guild's character. We are a fun loving group that takes play seriously. 
We have one vacancy (possibly two) and will hold out for…
  • Our current roster totals 1,839,569 stars with room for one. Our guild has a great history of player retention. We are looking to increase our weekly in 2022. If you are looking for a great senior independent guild, give us a chance to earn your respect. We value all new players that join us. TangoWhiskeyDel is a tight…
  • TangoWhiskeyDel has two spots available for interested players
  • We have one seat available