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  • This keeps happening to me. Missing out on refreshes that I need for survival pass points I think I missed out on a bonus chest last time due to it happening so often.
  • "with values that go up to 45% for Range and 60% for Melee" "They should buff it to at least 35% or 40%" So basically, at max value for both and then combined you want a chance to instant kill any enemy?
  • Looking at the top scores on the leaderboards people are already getting 10's of millions in the top 100, with the lowest being 500k. It already seems it will be difficult to break into the top 100 as a newer player. Also many players use gold to get extra tries to bring their score up to get into top 100 from the 1% If…
Yes, I threw several different ideas out to see if any stick. I play a lot as my job allows me to (security guard), then I play a bunch when I'm home while watching TV. No kids or partner, just a 1yr old cat, so plenty of free time. Also due to covid the past couple years socializing has been a no, and due to a…
  • I've had CE pop up two or three times at least, twice for sure when I didn't have beth unlocked so I couldn't get it. I got one from GW though so no big deal. However since I started actively looking for it I have not seen a Winter bow with cripple. Though I may have seen it once before I knew, idr.
  • You mean Beth's leader trait?
  • I agree with allowing you to test your own outpost to see how it is. However if it becomes easier to defend then the flip side is that they are harder to attack, so you have more trouble when you try to raid, so you'll raid less and rely on influence gained from successful defenses more, but other people will also raid…
That's exactly what I'm talking about, I used to do that all the time but it's not that way anymore. Right after opening the gate and rushing for the trade goods on the same turn I have been attacked by overwatch twice now. Both times by a higher leveled opponent that sent my toon to the hospital for 2h.
  • Not sure about GW, but Primed has ruined outpost. Before, regardless of the level of your opponents, if the map is right you could run and grab the trade goods and complete the mission without bothering to kill the defenders. Now there is always defenders with primed right by the goods so if you run past them you get hit…