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  • NG have acknowledged the group issue and will begin the fix on 25 Feb. Unfortunately no info on whether those impacted by the group issue will receive the rewards from last season that they earned (8 wildcards, days gone by tokens, plus other goodies for me!) and the inability to take part in this present mini season with…
Unfortunately the fix relies on being able to contact the group leader - when you have no contact details for any of the group outside the Chat in the app how does one ask to be kicked out?
I remain stuck in no mans land regards groups. I am listed as a mere of my group but the app is saying I am not in group. Unfortunately my group is full so not able to select join to see what happens. Lost all the rewards I spent so long earning. Because I am in no mans land I have no way of communicating with any…
  • So, Days Gone By is over. But how do I access my season end rewards? I am in a group that achieved Tier 15 but the Valentines Day server problems means I am in the group but not in the group. No sign of the rewards. I am very annoyed and frustrated that the developers have not resolved this issue and there have been no…
  • If they were to assure me despite whether I am in my group or not I will get the end of season rewards then I will be happy. We were just completing Gold V so that would mean 10 legendary cards and 8 wild cards for me that I don't want to miss out on.
  • I am not a leader in the group and have no contact details for anyone else in the group. It is full (including my name still on the list!) so can't try and join - and can't leave as no access to the group. I am both in and out. Additionally I don't know if the leaders are in the same position as me. So this is not a fix…
I am still listed as a group member unfortunately can't see the board and the game is suggesting I join a group. So with season ending looks like I may miss out on the rewards for competing all the gold boards. I received a message via support in the App that stated the development team is currently investigating a…
  • Player Name: Lorachel Group: London (LDN)
  • I really don't care for the compensation offered - the 10K spikes are a waste of time as Winslow's Revenge is the worst event ever and the rest is just whatever. What means far more to me is being able to enjoy completing boards with the group I was in before the issue. They have issued a supposed fix that does not work…