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Yes, it is. You need pretty much no effort whatsoever to receive the main prize of the event. That is how the difficulty is calculated. Not by getting everything. If it was calculated by how hard it is to receive every prize, then those Raider events with infinite amount of Sniper Boxes would be "Impossible" - yet…
  • Maybe you calculate differently than anyone else. if I see a 6-pack of beer in a shop with a price tag of 6 dollars, and a single beer has a price of 1.5 dollars, and there is a two for one deal, i dont expect to get 12 beers with the price of 6 dollars. I expect to get 2 beers for 1.5 dollars. Thats how normal people…
  • You are incorrect with your calculations. 1100 gold requires 2 purchases of 500 gold and you are short of 100 gold. I don't know about USD prices but I assume that 500 gold is $4,99 so 1100 gold would be $10,98. 100000 coins requires 20 purchases of 5000 coins for 60 gold. That is 1200 gold. 1200 gold translates to $11,98.…
  • As soon as I heard about the feature, I knew it was going to work exactly like how it does now. And it works poorly at best. First two boards are alot easier than third board, but you get almost same amount of points from first board, or from second board, as you do from third board. This means you could just play first…
The legendary mission rewards are re-balanced (yes, they are a lot better now, Im receiving 14-22 epic cards from each battle, which is twice as much as epic encounter) plus a greater chancefor legendary cards. We have had multiple players receiving up to 5 cards from one encounter. I have seen probably 30-40% of time…
  • I dont have but would like to have a legendary weapon or hero that could help me win missions.
You are incorrect. It is completely impossible to get 100% doubler effect, as long as there is no heroes or weapons that give 100% chance to double progress/coins. Even if you had 4 heroes with 90% chance to double you won't get to 100%.
  • The main problem is that the legendary cards are incredibly weak. You could sink millions and millions of coins in them if you ever got an upgrade, since we currently have sooo many different legendary cards. But as I have upgraded pretty much all leg's to 275, and maxing rares and commons, there is literally nothing else…
  • They do stack up. For example using 4 contributor heroes such as Hershel, Maggie, Herhsel, Eugene, gives approx. 45% chance to double your board progress. 1 - (0,8*0,85*0,9*0,9) = 0,449 = 44,9%. The same should apply to scavenger and builder perks.
 I think you posted this in the wrong thread.
  • Double rare/epic cards 1 energy base fights 1 minute (or 2 minute) energy recharge. :confused:
  • Double coins from Trading Post Guaranteed First Aids from Crates Guaranteed Grenades from Crates :neutral:
  • Double rewards from nothing is still nothing tho. Most of the time boards requires more rescue missions than rescue drops, so it really wouldn't benefit us at all. Besides, I don't know how it could be possible even in theory, to duplicate a surviving person from a rescue mission. Like, you put him/her on a duplication…
  • Double Dipping just for the Tip!
50 encounters is not even close to the amount where you could pull out any statistics regarding anything. You should start with 500 encounters each, that would give somewhat reliable results, although it may be too small amount as well. If i had to guess based on how many thousand whisperers i have done, and leg event…
While I do agree that most of the compensation is quite a joke, I would like to point out something. Few leg cards to players below Tier 25 is still a little. Not much obviously, but a little. It is possible that the group could have finished the 3rd board, and proceed to deal with 1st, even 2nd, board of the next…
PPL has nothing to do with the issue. The issue is, that I much rather use common (lol), rare or epic weapons than Legendary, regardless of my PPL. It should be quite the opposite, and that is how it is with every single other game I have ever played. Legendary is your default choice, unless something either prevent's…
  • I agree with PaintWalkers points. We are gonna get (probably) 50% increased speed to Free Roam. Both base speed and the additional speed from Cane card. That means we are seeing almost the same speed as we had for a short while when the speed was overbuffed by 100% when Cane card was released. Remember, people had level…
  • I was with Trumpf at the same group and agree with his observations. Although I am slightly salty that my 30 mill score wouldn't get me to Ultimate, and in another group that would have been the best score of that group, I have hope that with the 5th round, I have my another chance to get to the Ultimate (and this time…
Yeah, great way to get unlimited amount of tokens and trade them to legendary weapons. Unfortunately this also means that those who know how to abuse purchase bug literally could have received unlimited amount of tokens. It is still not fixed after.. Well, how long this game has been around..?
  • Yes let me make that sweet 30 small missions + 6 infs my "home" location alongside with my actual home location, so I don't need a single flare from this point to the end of time.
This is as wrong as it can get. Im beating 360+ power guys left and right with my 297 power epics. It's because of the grenades. At 7 mill mark I can shoot 8 bullets with Piledriver between Slims eyes and it doesn't die, so basically every single kill I get after 4.5-5mill score is because my grenade instantly kills…
  • Some of that stuff could be pushed under the "bag". Compass and Story missions at least, maybe even Bike/Tickets/Weekly/Dailies, and show the bag as orange and small number (1,2,etc.) on top of it to show how many notifications you have inside.
  • Agreed with Trumpf, except that it needs to have capped weapon power as well. Someone with 400+ power Epic guns is going to automatically be "better walker slayer" than someone with 300 or say 200 power guns. There's no skill involved if you can simply close your eyes, tap screen, and everything dies, for a couple of…
  • Its level 22 for everyone. Unless the mission was just changed from a normal/rare/epic raider outpost to Vegan's Sanctuary few minutes before you attempt to play it, then it could be any level from your mission level range. I saw level one level 26 and one level 27 Vegan Sanctuary, rest have been 22.
I need to comment on this one. Simply because the value of a single, or multiple, flares is actually higher now than it was never before. When most of the people are in some sort of lockdown, or the time they can spend outside is limited due to covid related restrictions, flare's value is far greater than it was…
  • Although I 100% understand JZom's frustration to the situation, and I partly agree that having advantage in "race" is very poor balance-wise, I just want to point out that most, if not all, players from top10 to top30 are paying probably between 5 to 50 bucks a month, and that the racing teams are only top 1-3/4. And yes,…
  • It is "rounded up".
This is wrong. It is always at least 5 levels. The missions range. If your minimum is , let's say 20, you would see missions level 20-23 as "easy level missions" and 24+ are "hard level missions". 75% of the time when you see a mission, it is between your "easy level missions" and 25% of time "hard level missions".…
  • Bases seem to give most, encounters least. Whisp encs might be a good choice too, but they also give naturally legs every now and then so its hard to say if they are better or worse option than infs, as an example.