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  • Come be part of one of the best alliances in the game!!
  • If I remember right there was time when groups at the very top of the leaderboard were rotating in players constantly (actually just one or two and one of them isn’t around anymore). Making it grossly unfair to teams that didn’t have those kind of resources.
    in Cooldown 3h Comment by Miggz April 22
  • I think people are really wanting to know if there's any plans to make some major changes in the handling of flares both in how to obtain them in game and the cost of obtaining them from the shop. The current method is honestly no longer sustainable and I think you reviewed how often they were being purchased you would see…
    in Flare crate Comment by Miggz April 19
  • knock knock………is anyone listening?
    in Flare crate Comment by Miggz April 19
  • Morgen, Are you able to provide the community with any updates on when we will possible see the new patch with content or any changes involved in the game. We are trying to so hard to keep our teams engaged but finding it extremely difficult because its just the same old stuff. Who ever planned the seasondidn't even dress…
  • Morgen, First of all let me say a HUGE thank you for being open and honest with the community about the "what's going on" with the game. I believe this will do nothing but help promote understanding and a better line of communication in both directions. That being said, I do have some thoughts about your response that I'd…
  • Still patiently waiting (just because I know the end of the work week is coming)
  • i stand by my statement that 2 months to implement is a really really long time ESPECIALLY when there is no new content being added and all that was done for this season is a complete and total rehash of a previous season doen to the very artwork that was used on the loading screen.
    in QoL Ideas Comment by Miggz April 1
  • It’s a pretty tough pill to swallow when there was almost an entire month to code test and have ready to implement even the smallest of improvements…..as said above there is palpable Feeling of disappointment in all of our alliances top 200 groups that they have once again been given nothing to work and strive for. Again,…
  • NG please remind yourself of this post and how many active participants in the community responded to it and then reflect on the complete lack of implementation on your part thus far. This is ridiculous folks seriously. https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead-ow/discussion/49384/qol-ideas#latest
  • So where are they @filipe
    in QoL Ideas Comment by Miggz March 31
  • this is so true red. hopefully one day they’ll start listening….
    in Flare crate Comment by Miggz March 31
  • ….or as was talked about in one of the most extensive posts in the forums make them obtainable from trading posts pretty please and thank you. And of course, welcome to the crazy house!
  • I have to agree totally with Gracieb. As an admin for one of the bigger alliances in the game we're seeing a MASSIVE exodus away from the game currently at all levels due to the fact that there's just nothing new/interesting going on. Yeah the mythic items are ok but knowing that you can't get them once the season is done…
  • Still waiting to see if there’s any follow up on any of these good ideas. Or if the plan is to just keep taking money from your consumer with some of these absolutely ridiculous events….
    in QoL Ideas Comment by Miggz March 9
  • so we direct our complaints to Netflix now?
  • @NG_Filipe your community is about to completely shut down on you. Please give this and the other very good suggestions more consideration. Yes it requires more work, but yes an in progress event is able to be changed because y’all have done it in the past (even changed entire tier requirements).
  • Very much this please.
  • You guys have done it in the past, why is this event different? Because it takes a lot of work is not an acceptable answer,
  • Now would be a better time than ever to implement some of these ideas (especially the tp change to give out consumables seeing as large portions of the community are getting extremely upset at the current state of the game and how you’re almost requiring people to spend money to complete tasks now.
    in QoL Ideas Comment by Miggz March 1
  • pretty sure much like the Blizzard sniper rifle the targeting is off as well.
  • Not only that but the spike in normal skirmish one dosen’t even work for me and some other teammates. Once again releasing content that hasn’t been tested/debugged and expecting us to pay for it. But any constructive positive ideas that don’t make them more money are quickly brushed aside. I’m about done with this. ABSURD
  • It’s nice that more and more players are starting to be much more vocal. I continue to hope that one day the light switch will go on. I think many are starting to come back around to the realization that the only thing that has ever REALLY motivated change in the game was when the community banded together and went on…
  • The top teams were getting too many legendaries so they nerfed it to 4. And the exodus away from the game continued because of the deaf ear provided by the 3 people who still work on/“develop” (aka roll out bug patches) the game.
  • @NG_Filipe , wanted to follow up and ask for a little “clarification” in another post you said you were focused on performance issues and bug fixes, Isn’t that just another way of saying “not developing new content”? Even if that’s not true releasing new weapons with targeting issues (I don’t consider new weapons or cards…
    in QoL Ideas Comment by Miggz February 16
  • Awesome thanks Filipe! I’ll check back in a day or two to see what they said!!
    in QoL Ideas Comment by Miggz February 15
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