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  • Hi guys! Thank you for reporting this to us and all the steps how to make it happen. We were able to reproduce it on our devices following those shared steps. This should now be fixed and you should be able to load your game as usual. If you can't, please contact our player support. Stay safe!
  • Hi guys, Please note that TWD: OW and TWD: NML use different backend/servers. We have checked this with our backend team and appears that there are no problems on our side. We have also loaded different players account on our devices, and again all was okay, we were able to load, play couple of missions, close the game,…
  • Hi @Singer01, thank you. Could you mention which ones see different things for the Guild Wars shop? You mentioned that some of your members can see Silver II rewards while others can't, can you write which members see it differently? I check all the accounts and couldn't find the issue you reported.
  • Hi guys! Thank you for reporting this. @Singer01 could you please share the player nicknames from your guild that see the different rewards available? Everyone should see the same. Related to tier resetting for some of you, this was unintended and quickly fixed. However, to those affected. we are looking into it. Cheers
  • Hi Miggz, These come with an update as usual, not with a new group board season. Please be patient, stay safe. 
  • Hello! We believe this is fixed now, please reload the app and let us know! New configuration: * Board 1: 1 Slim with any SMG * Board 2: 2 Slim with any SMG * Board 3: 3 Slim with any SMG Stay safe!
  • Hi everyone, Thank you for reporting this. We are looking into it and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. Stay safe!
  • Please respect the rules and guidelines found on this Forum, as well as the additional more specific ones for Off Topic conversations found here: To specify: Also some extra off-topic specific guidelines…
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  • Hello @Lily_Rogue Not update related, but there was a short server hiccup that affected a really small number of players. Everything is back to normal since then. Stay safe!
  • Hi everyone, Some of these QOL requests and other suggested are on the plans for the next update. If everything goes according to the schedule, you will have what you have been requested during long time. At the moment, I can't share the details, but I am sure you will be happy with them. Stay safe!
  • Hello, After analyzing all the feedback, we are doing these changes for the next Explore Quest event: * Remove the Bait and Legendary mission completely * We’ll keep the specific enemy type requirement but only for the ‘common’ type missions. So all rare and epic types will be only against regular walkers We hope that the…
  • Morning @scottmag14 The walker you shot as a headshot will count as an headshot . However, any of the surrounding walkers that die from the explosion won't count as headshot. Stay safe!
  • Morning, Please contact our Player Support if you have encountered this issue so that we can send you the energy back. Thank you to everyone who reported the issue to our Player Support, we have found the root cause and now working on a fix. Stay safe!
  • Good morning,Please contact our Player Support if you think there is a bug with the player stats. However, I don't see this as being possible since that data has not been touched. Starting to play the game at the same time does not mean you will have the same stats or even close to being the same, everyone will have a…
  • Morning, As announced here: There are no changes planned for OW. We will stay as it is for years to come. Stay safe!
  • Hello, We are taking notes of all the feedback shared here and on the other channels (social media, player support, social groups, etc). However, as this is a new type of event, the system doesn't support any changes to an on-going event. Stay safe.
  • Hello @WachtAmRhein ,We're observing the developments in Ukraine with great concern. We hope for an end of hostilities soon and a return to diplomacy. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this situation.I'll send your thoughts to the team so that they can take it into consideration when thinking about how best to…
  • Hello everyone, Thank you for sharing your Explore Quest: New Haunts event experience. I appreciate that you could share your constructive feedback and your suggestions to make the gameplay system better. I'll pass your feedback onto our team so they can take it into consideration and think of the best way to improve the…
Hello Calavera We can set them higher yes, and we can set a level limit as many times as we need. The player maxing it before we add a new level will receive legendary cards instead during that time. We will have more info once we implement it and release it to you guys. Stay safe!
  • Hello @Asynja That is a timer for the Wildcard Shop, once the timer ends, the WC shop would close. However, we are trying to have the Wildcard Shop always open, so most likely you will never see the 0! Stay safe!
2) Mythic and other “Gated”/Special/Premium Cards - I know right now its been stated that there’s no plans right now to reintroduce these cards outside special events. What if you allowed access to these items through a “shard” shop if you will. This one Asynja, we are working on a feature that will allow you to…
  • Hello, Thank you everyone for your feedback, I have taken notes and will add it to potential QOL we could do. However, please note that some of the suggestions are not possible to implement, but let's see how it goes. Stay safe!
  • Hello again! We have taken this into consideration and polished our tools for future Group Boards. Thank you for bringing this up! Stay safe!
  • Hello @MiMiyaya1109 We have disabled the AR function if I am not mistaken around September 3rd 2020. Stay safe!
  • Hello Calavera, Thank you for bringing them up. Some of these points are on our backlog of features that could be implemented and once we have an opportunity, we will be adding them to the game. At the moment, our main focus has been the performance improvements and some bug fixes. Stay safe!
  • Hello guys, We are still analysing these changes and there is a chance it will be changed to 5 weeks, however, the next Season will still be 4 weeks long. Stay safe!
  • Hi guys, This issue is known and its being worked on. Stay safe!
  • Hello Miggz, I am following the post, but its just 2 players commenting for now, its too early to take it forward. Stay safe!
  • Hello @Julie_B We are not yet part of the Google Play credits group. Unfortunately, this means that you can't use these at the moment for Our World purchases. Stay safe!
  • Hello This tile was not accidental, but intended. The choice of which type of Infestation to use with the Clear Mission tag, means that it appears like the scaling is broken as there’s a big jump from Tier 19's Easy Clear Any Infested Site tile to Tier 21's Hard version.Other boards use the Rare or Epic Infestation…