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  • it can't be that you are drawn in the Master Series with other players in a group who are all represented in the top 20. and the worst (from the player level) should be with someone from ZHH CW1 or 555 or deadmontown etc., all over player level 30! compete ... that makes the whole thing nonsensical (for player level 26)…
  • our group is also missing two players. I was able to win the others back after I kicked them out of the group, so they could re-enter and after three hours of waiting they could play again and help with the table.
  • @ShortyKaiser warte noch etwas ab bei uns sind auch noch nicht alle wieder hergestellt ! Hast du die Schritte gemacht und dich an den Support gewendet? Mit spielernamen und Gruppe und Level? Dann gib ihnen etwas Zeit ;-) in unserer Gruppe fehlen noch fünf , vier sind schon repariert. Können aber noch nicht spielen bzw sind…
  • thanks @Dahlia then I really got it wrong (:-). Some of our games have their accounts again ;-)))) it seems to work, you have been patient .... only they are not in the group yet but that will definitely be.
  • i hope i get you wrong! new gaming experience? we lost 9 players in our group! some write privately that they will not continue playing if they cannot get their old levels back. Gold gone, signals gone, bait gone, experiences of level 29-25 gone, not least a lot of real money gone ... I don't think that many start all over…
  • @Ayla_Blu_PirateQueen Mhhh then I did something wrong ;-) I didn't get gold and in the last two rounds I wasn't even in the top 7 (:-) but you're right, it was still fun!!! 
  • basically I thought the event was great, but as the prescribers already mentioned, the grenades were pretty unfair. I don't know how the groups were put together, but it was a bit unfair that there was a level 30 player with a level 22 player in a group, so it was clear who would win. It was great that you played with so…
  • we have exactly the same problems in our team. I just say hit hammer. we also give new players the chance to play and we don't want to kick new players out directly, but they almost can't help with the boards. thus we lack high level players, but that is no longer fair.
  • Happy Birthday 🥳 when we were able to jump into other groups without time penalty, I traveled to Hong Kong New York London and many other cities 😎