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  • When I first reported it there was no record of my drop to the safehouse so I didn’t get the rewards. 
  • I get this as well and have also reported it via in game support but they asked for a video but it’s hard to video each time you do a drop. I gave a screenshot of where all the icons and menu are disappeared. I’ve found that doing a mission will bring them back without having to close the game 
  • Looks like nothing
  • Here’s the pro blem. The more players that leave shows how much those who stay are spending. Even during the last ‘strike’ this data shows that big money was still being spent. Unless people truly stick to their word about not spending money what do NG care? 
  • We also struggled on this and then on tier 11 finding the epics we needed. It’s not just you
  • It’s interesting what feedback ng listen to. I think I saw 1 comment on the speed of the compass on here but lots more on the rate of the compass drops in crates so they dropped the speed. 
  • It’s been over a week now since I last got one from a crate. Since lockdown I haven’t been able to collect as many crates as I could before so presumably there might be a higher chance if I could go further than what I do but sick of collecting 5 coins all the time
  • I get one a week from crates and I open over 300 crates (am the highest in the boards for collecting crates). The only time I get one is right over the boards reset and I finish my daily missions so due to get one today
Understand what the cane is for but my comment is about the event. We are on lock down allowed to leave the house once a day for an hour up to 5kms from home. Without spending shitloads of money explain how this event is easy to be played? You said yourself that raider bases aren’t spawning so imagine when most of…
  • @"Pain Walker" not sure why you disagree with my comment. Perhaps you know something I don’t? 
  • Yawn. Another event that is impossible for those on lock down. Thanks for caring NG
  • It would be great if you could get them from crates. I’ve gone a week without getting any from crates. Guess I will stick with my five missions around my house then
    in Compasses Comment by Nazza August 2020
  • I receive one a week from crates
  • Unless they start spawning around my current location this does not help. It’s now curfew so can’t go out, haven’t received a compass from crates all week, and the majority of my team is also on curfew. 
  • Another event that will be impossible to play with our current restrictions unless we want to spend hundreds of dollars. Thanks NG for considering the current conditions when planning your events. 
  • Here in Victoria, Australia, we are in a worse position than we were when we had the relief measures in place in the first instance. We have been placed in a state of a disaster and there is talk of further restrictions being placed on us in the next few days if the number of reported cases does not see an improvement. At…
    in Coronavirus Comment by Nazza August 2020
  • If we are also being told to rely on free roam can you please remove the cap on the compasses? I get one from crates per week (I have one crate in my area and I’m in the stage four restrictions above) and from the daily missions and I miss the one from the crate because I have to use them sparingly
    in Coronavirus Comment by Nazza August 2020
  • @aharshman, imagine if that’s how I started? And I had to move to an international team to have a chance to make it on the boards? You don’t think I know the problems? I was one of the ones sending all the info and videos to people trying to get help and not getting anywhere for months, and having Filipe tell me it wasn’t…
  • And why shouldn’t we be asking for compensation? Some of us spent thousands of dollars during the last two years to help our teams complete boards, buying flares so we could jump our international team mates flares to get the required missions? But it’s not even about that, we haven’t even got an apology, yet we know they…
  • Something would be better than not even acknowledging us