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  • I got 30 Tokens of a rare Encounter without using Mercer, so numbers are wrong, too. The event states Tokens per cleared Encounter, but probably only gives them, when a Whisperer was in it. Edit: Also Mercer is not recommend. Well planned.
  • Since you are willing to spend money, you could look for a team with an open spot via discord e.g., just to purchase the pistol per tier up offer. It's pretty expensive, but in Tier 21 you can buy the weapon (5 cards) for 3750g.
  • We have 10 flares up and there are two legendary encounters btw. If there was an increase, it's still not enough for a silver event. But since a few seasons, when the calculations for the events turned into garbage, i'm used to only get the season tokens and some consumables. I was pleasantly surprised, that the "Raider…
  • A few threads below that seemed to have helped: Dahlia said:Perhaps this discussion might help you with the issue you are experiencing
  • I was pretty hyped for the new mission. The mechanic is fun. To me the announced mission sounded very rewarding, a mission way more rewarding than usual raider missions because of the difficulty. I'm disappointed. "In Raider Ambush Missions, Raiders lay in wait and ready to spring a devious trap on anyone who comes near…
  • Relevant perks to level: Daryl's Ear Necklace, Savior Van, Rosita's Dynamite Heroes: Don't take any melees. SMG heroes have higher health then any other ranged. So if your chosen heroes die to quickly and you can't heal them in time, consider those. Snipers are a also a good choice because of their dmg. Every other heroe…
  • Is there something wrong with the base speed? I know, it can feel very differently as we were speeding before the nerf, but i don't think, that i'm moving with 48 km/h at level 4. Edit: Tested it. Exactly 48 km/h it is, as it should be.
  • The compass speed felt so good i actually bought a compass for gold. Now i don't feel, that it's rewarding enough to spend money on it.