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  • Just as I expected, the endless tiers are a boring grind. They're ALL THE SAME. Every tier has the same stuff all over again: heavy walkers with any AR, rottens with any shotgun, armored walkers with any sniper, slim walkers with any pistol. Over and over and over again. I used to play 4000+ missions per week, now I'm down…
  • My first thought: this is a terrible idea. I hope I'll be wrong. Until now, for many of the top teams the fun has been in the race to the top. Who clears all tiers first? It means playing like crazy for the first two weeks or so. With infinite boards we lose this race aspect in the game. Sure, you could compete in which…
  • A female SMG hero, because one doesn't exist in the game. Please give us Andrea 🙏
  • I am 45 years old. I calculated two days ago that at the current speed I get to upgrade my first legendary to its max level when I'm 99. It'll be a fantastic day at the old folks' home!
  • Excellent post, Calavera! Season shop: I agree with Calavera - the season rewards were the best ever. I went for epic weapon draw since my legendaries all need 200-300 cards to upgrade and I felt epics are more valuable to me. I've never been as happy with the season shop as I was this season. Fantastic! I only wish I…
  • The encounters are also a lot more difficult than you'd expect and eat up your grenades. Very disappointed. 125 energy and about 50 used grenades and I've received one legendary Glenn so far.
  • Andrea should get an SMG - we still don't have a female SMG hero. Fingers crossed!
  • I haven't received any either.
  • Thanks Dahlia, that helped! Boy, was I worried for a while! Missions are back now and I can dry my tears ;D That has never happened to me before, good to know how to fix it if it happens again :)
  • Trying to use Negan's SMG in missions causes the game to freeze. The mission will never load but will still cost you energy. Happens to many players in my team and in other teams as well. Everyone I asked so far is an Android user, so I don't know if this is only an Android specific bug. Papushka (lvl29, WDGAF)
  • We've been begging for NG to fix this since late last year. Time after time this issue has been brought up but nothing happens. I'm sad and I'm bitter because I loved playing but my team eventually fell apart mostly because of this. We kept losing our high level players because they grew too frustrated with being forced to…