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  • Miggz yes we do track players numbers, so it highlights anyone doing that and they get removed but my point is if the points system was more balanced it wouldn't even be an issue.
  • Migz and marbo, the point is what shortyKaiser said, some player will jump on and take the easy points then nothing, leaving the other tiles for the rest. Now I know that everyone seems to think if your in a dream team where you work together it doesn't matter but it's not always like that, when some others are slogging to…
  • Why is this still going on and still not been addressed, its an absolute joke the way the points are handed out on a board. Are you responding to this NG, it's been a year now? 
  • Totally agree, I've ranted all day in my group, I'm sure they're fed up but come on NG, why, why why are you doing this. The whole event works against the board, the different tasks for each player means it's difficult to help each other. Totally obscure requests, 8 hours resets, how does that work when your sleeping or…
  • Yeah my team mates have sent numerous tickets about this with vid footage to no avail. They say they've fixed it but it still doesn't work. Please sort it, this would be an awsome weapon, if it worked correctly. Humm maybe that's why? 
  • Haha yeah. Ditto... 
  • Yeah man, haha I was going to post the exact same thing. What the heck will 6 energy and 4 nades do for anyone! Maybe they mixed up the April fool offer with V day? 😂🤣 Come on NG I was hoping you'd do an offer for the team but seriously... This is a joke. 
  • Just have to say, so funny but sadly so true... 
  • Yeah I sent them a ticket before update and it's no better possibly even worse since. Horrendous lag, hanging flare travel, crashes, etc. I have to quit and reload multiple times to get out of freezing screen. What is going on? As one of my teamies pointed out - Maybe not the best time to add extra unnecessary stuff to the…
  • Ditto, ditto and ditto, what else can I say, poor game performance since update. Horrible lag, flare travel and play is undoable.... It is not all our phones, Internet whatever else you wish to blame this on. It has happened since the update. Can I be more clear? 
  • I didn't even realise this was a thing, so I defo have not seen even one of these! Sloppy 😒
  • I've complained about this feature several times but the devs just don't give a s+#* like you said it a marketing stunt but it annoys the hell out of me. 😣 Really nades should act a bit more like nades and not tennis balls.... 
    in Grenades Comment by RosieNu October 2021
  • I've posted about this, it's massively annoying, they act totally rubbish. I'm sure it's to make you use more. NG sort it out. 
  • Yeah it would be good but they kind of have one already with daily tasks. However a graduated reward system like you mention would be better to reward repeat logins. 
  • Yep, big agree here
  • Yes I've mentioned this before too, really annoying when you hit return by mistake then have no option to cancel... 
    in Flairs Comment by RosieNu September 2021
  • I'm lvl 28, I have a similar thing where ad plays then just closes with no reward - watch again (!) and then reward drops. Is a pain in ass tbh.... 
  • Yes totally agree, this is being discussed in a couple of other threads too. 
  • 1. I really liked the previous times you gave extra buffs to certain heros. 2. I also think it would be good if you could change weapons part way through a battle. 3. Get the hero to stop/start attack if you don't want them to attack
  • Hey, same for me and one other member I'm able to contact, we had 8 flares up with over an hour on each, wasted now. 
  • Ah, yes this has happened in my team also. A new level 9 player couldn't see the relief crate?.... 
  • Hey, if you go to social/chat screen then tap search under group name it brings up list of groups with spaces. You can see if local by distance. Then you can pick from there. Also keep an eye on forum as although top groups recruit there you do get others happy to take on new starters :)
  • Yes, I've thought this for a while, would really help when you need a specific walker. Is pretty annoying when the hero takes them out. 
  • DEAD Friendlyz, missing members: Bick67, Fatlad, Bangtidy376 and Freehongkong please send msg we have locked group to keep your space. Send request in game or join discord on Miss you all :(
  • Hey dahlia, yeah the ghost accounts are still there, I didn't want to kick incase it affects chances of getting back as my real account just over writ my ghost. Same with another member.
  • Dahlia, where would you suggest, I'm not really on any like fb or twitter etc. Though I could see if others in group can. 
  • I am now thankfully back in my group as leader, when I reentered my group it just put me in place of ghost account. However.... I am missing 4 of my top players who are not contactable. I have msg'd support and I'm hoping that the patch/fix coming up will sort it but who knows. In my support ticket I have extensively…
  • I have to say I completely agree with this post. It has been a shambles from the moment it happened. I have now thankfully got back in my team through no help of NG really and feel totally left out in the cold by their handling of this. I really feel an in game announcement would have and probably still will help players…
  • So I'm still not in my group, as leader I'm reluctant to get someone to leave and enter as the game says I'm in the group as leader already with my 'ghost' account so will it demote me? I don't really want to ask anyone to leave as will it affect their season rewards (which is another topic completely, do I loose that?)…
  • Killin_it. Yes my groups Dead friendlyz.