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  • @"Pain Walker" I thought they said that's why they couldn't change boards? The programing was done way in advance... Odd that's different now
  • You can change an event at the drop of a hat but can't fix my legs or epic cards? My Lord, my team voted on how we are finishing the season based upon YOUR calendar. I want to keep playing this game but y'all keep making it harder and harder. 
  • The boards were so much better balanced, not easy but balanced. 
  • Losing several top players from my team at the end of the season. This season was miserable and it finally broke some who were staying for the "family" we created by playing many late night flare parties. It's like y'all don't even listen. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • @NG_Filipe you closed the other thread. My leg weapons are broke, they don't do the damage a LEGENDARY weapon should, can you fix it as fast as y'all "fixed" the cane??? You've seriously got to be kidding me, why I'm bleeding top players. 
  • Omg are you kidding me?? You change the speed after 1 or 2 people complain?? The whole community desperately needs an epic/leg fix and this is what you do after literally a week!!! And this is why we are losing good players. Smdh
  • I really hope you take a look at the boards this week and consider what I said last week about level gates. They will not stop top teams with a few low level players (even very low). We have enough high ppl players it will not slow us. However, it will stop lower level teams dead in their tracks. 
    in Level Gates Comment by TLH August 2020
  • Why? Level 27+ without fixing legs and epics? I asked before the season started after seeing pains tease. I'm supposed to use assassin's bow and raise my ppl to do high level missions? The bow is 187 power, that's going to be great fun doing headshots with a min mission of 24 or 25. Smh
    in Level Gates Comment by TLH August 2020
  • I disagree with you, one season isn't enough. I've had Rick's pistol since it was released a year and half ago, it's 139/200. At 231 it's too low for my floor. That's not the answer, increased drop rates for legs are the answer. Epic card drops increased but will not help the average player, only the very very elite are…
  • I brought up those issues before the boards were ever posted. 🤷🏽‍♀️
    in Level Gates Comment by TLH August 2020
  • yes I did, crazy to do that to players. 
    in Level Gates Comment by TLH August 2020
  • Overall a great idea, just needs a little tweaking. We desperately need weapon cards and a weapon based mini season is GREAT! -break the boards up; t-1 is sniper based, t-2 is bow based, t-3 is smg, 4 is AR, and the ultimate is pistol. It's too monotonous just using pistol every tier, every single board felt the same.…
  • @aharshman I am aware it was his "speculation" but we need to vocalize if we see an issue. I don't actually expect him to come play though. Lol it would be nice if some of them played on a top team and could see the commitment it takes to feed the addiction. 
    in Level Gates Comment by TLH July 2020