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  • Um, those don't sound like team mates you want to play with, or at least I wouldn't. I would communicate the issue, then either kick or leave if it continues. None of that is to take away that the group points system is really stupid. 
  • Other than bragging rights, the only other advantage I know of is better rewards for the daily token pack. 
  • Just like the challenge board tile info. This certainly seems like a bad sign of the support the game is receiving. 
  • @lolocopter24, it isn't laziness, it's pure greed. NG won't pay an employee the extra one or two hrs time to do it. I hope that someone that does the accounting @Ng has done an effective cost analysis on all these corners being cut. I can tell you that this particular decision has now made myself and one other person stop…
  • I agree that would be helpful, though I would even settle for the ability to copy text to be able to paste it into google translate. 
  • I understand the msg currently is not tied to the name, not I don't understand why it is done that way. Naming the phone notification is basically worthless while being able to name (and re- name) flares would be a huge help. Yet this is just another of dozens of suggestions I've seen that gets brought up, discussed by…
  • While I agree with you that the multiplier values that NG comes up with are frequently more "optimistic" than how I would calculate them, it is still a better deal than they normally have. Whether it's worthwhile to spend actual money on it (definitely not IMHO) is a different discussion. I don't see it different than any…
  • Honestly, I prefer to keep alpha low so she doesn't steal headshots. The shop rewards for this are pretty good for the other items with lots of weapon options. The difference with this event is that it is much more group dependent to take advantage of it though. An unorganized or inactive group hurts since you won't be…
No, it's "only" 1000 cards for the next upgrade... Still completely unrealistic seeing how long it took me to get a single 275 power leg (400 cards) by focusing all of my wilds on it. The leg card pool continues to gets bigger every few seasons which just dilutes the draws even more. There is probably something wrong…
  • Ok, I'll pass that along
  • I haven't seen a single princess encounter after two compasses, going through a half a dozen flares and a five mile bike ride. I have no idea why this is considered a silver level event.
  • The scrolling announcement icon in the game has some more details on the ambush missions. It says there is only one rarity level. I agree that the rewards don't seem very good for the difficulty and likely won't play them after this event ends. 
  • @FFS, while I'll agree that most lvl 31+ players probably have not maxed thier epic cards, it's definitely possible to do without cheating. It just requires a lot of work, most likely in one of the top teams w/tons of flares. 
  • It's been 2 1/2 months since you started this and no official reply. NG said in the season announcement that msn rewards are going to rebalanced this season. Hopefully that means a meaningful increase in legs and not nerfing pinks. 
  • I would definitely be happy if they implemented that. However, I would settle for just being able to change our favorite hero & wpn on the profile page. Then have each of those stay at the top of the wpn/hero select page for each msn. While we're at it, use the same hero/wpn select screen from raider msns for the rest of…
  • In addition to PPL, it is also dependant on the highest base you have completed. Even if you had a high PPL, but never completed a lvl 20 base, you would never see a 21+ base and see lots of 14/15s. What is your PPL and the highest base you have completed? 
  • It was definitely a pleasant surprise to have a repeat of, arguably, the best event twice in the same season. 
  • I did seven of them yesterday with nothing but blue or pink (2 of 7) cards. Probably worth a shot @2e but I'll continue to ignore them every other day @5e per msn. 
  • I know there is an update coming soon, but why doesn't NG respond to 95+% of the posts with suggestions or questions? Something like, "good idea, we'll pass that on" or "it's on the list, but a low priority" or "we have looked into that and it just isn't realistic" would take seconds to respond to at least acknowledge…
  • The epic draw gives you 120 cards
  • I completely agree. Taking it a step further, I wish they had an option in the settings to turn off reward animations altogether. I can't tell you how many extra clicks per day that would save, not to mention the extra time to actually play the game (hint NG, that means use resources more and spend more $). 
    in Daily Tasks Comment by double_tap May 10
To be fair, 55% doubled is, in fact, 110%. It would be nice if the doubling were cumulative vs individual. Using NG math, the full double heroes and NSMG gives you an 84% chace of doubles. 1-(.6*.6*.7*.8*.8) =.839
  • I'm not disagreeing with the overall concept, but I have to laugh at this, "number of gold cards at the max level." Without significant changes to legendaries, I'll be surprised if anyone ever maxes a leg card. 
  • @NG_Filipe I'm curious, what is the reason why you can't share the outcome of this issue? I'm sure there is something I'm missing,and I understand not discussing an exploit. However, it would seem that even a confirmation that some players were cheating and they were sanctioned or that they were legitimately achieving…
  • It has been suggested multiple times to allow users to name /rename their flares. That would fix the box issue as well as allow flares names to actually be something useful like describing what is in them. 
Someone with 369 tokens and nothing left to mod... Sarcasm aside, I agree the tradeoff isn't very good, especially when you can only exchange a dozen tokens for any one card. It would be nice if they could be used to buy to gold or some other consumable. 
  • It is referring to the strength of the concrete barrier that your heroes take cover behind during raider missions. 
  • I'm definitely disappointed in leg encounters and hoping they don't become board requirements. 
  • Unless I'm missing something, you can't submit an in game support ticket if it crashes every time while loading
  • Same here, been going on for almost an hour