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I agree...not amazing at all. Game needs rework. No more infinite tiers and a complete over haul of tile points.
  • I dont mind legs and EOS rewards, but endless tiers makes a season pointless to me. Have the tier's end, and introduce impossible bonus levels with massive reward bonuses or something. Never ending tiers is boring. Also, fix the scoring. Each tile should be based on energy needed to complete. Complete 50 encounters, that…
  • Not to necro this topic but I agree. What's happening now are members of the group are not participating in the high volume tiles like 1200 rescues etc. Once low volume tiles are complete, many members do not want to invest time or consumables in completing tiles that will yield little points. Members are waiting for the…
  • I agree with all the feedback. I appreciate the idea, but the approach and implementation are off. Basically, just complete the low end lone wolfs like build or upgrade buildings and you'll be racking up points, meanwhile, you'll have another member at the bottom maybe spending hundreds of energy completing missions across…
  • Just a heads up. My account was reset on 2/14 and my last note was from support on 2/18 letting me know that they were working on the issue. Per supports request, I sent them the pertinent name, group, lvl, receipt. This morning, I log on asking if I wanted to keep my current game or revert to a saved…
  • Just an FYI to everyone else who is having this issue. Its been a week since I heard last from support. Hopefully, our issues are still in queue to be worked on. My group is mostly lvl 27 and up. I can still contribute, but I am not purchasing anything in fear that my account will be restored after I make a purchase.…
  • This issue has been a catastrophe. I'm playing with the reset profile, but I missed the last end of season reward, I'll lose all the mini season rewards, and it looks like I'll start the new season with the low level character. You can't ask for status because it sounds like responding to any support messages moves you…