Weapon / Armor Drop

frufffruff Member Posts: 129
Hey guys,

I am wondering is there anything tied to getting epic or legendary weapon/armor drops? I never seem to get anything other than uncommon or rare stuff. When I do get epic or legendary they aren't any good (like they are super low level)

I had someone tell me the better weapons come with the more walkers you kill in supply/XP runs. I usually just kill what is needed and move on. Is this true? Are drops tied to your council level? Player level?


  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    Nope, number won't make any difference in my experience. It's just pure luck.
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  • unashamed116guyunashamed116guy Member Posts: 69
    I think it's totally random just farm the deadly missions
  • dfg2dfg2 Member Posts: 32
    The recommended level range of a new explore mission is tied to the level of your highest level survivor participating in the last mission. The higher the recommended level, better are the rewards also.
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