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In the very near future we will begin to feature community created video in the player hub of The Walking Dead: No Man's Land. We think this is the best possible way to give something back to the people who take the time and effort to make YouTube videos about the game, and possibly the best way for budding video creators to build an audience of No Man's Land subscribers on their YouTube channels.

First and foremost, video content that will be featured should be informative and inspirational for players, and also of the highest quality. For that reason, and to make the process as clear as possible, below you will find a short guide to how to get your video noticed and featured.

Audio & Video

720p resolution (minimum)
High quality audio

Recently we have seen a number of videos that have been created using third party emulators and that display mouse pointers. The short version of the story is that we won't feature these videos for various reasons, and heavily favour video captured directly from a mobile device.

Video that is stretched to fit the screen reduces the quality significantly, so please use the natural aspect ratio of your device display. Here is a good example of a high quality video that we have previously featured:

Additionally, we give priority to videos that feature a voiceover by the video creator.

No copyright material

It should be obvious that we won't be able to feature videos that contain audio or video that is under copyright. We allow practically anyone to record and upload videos captured from The Walking Dead: No Man's Land freely. We also allow monetization of that content through advertising. Restrictions on this policy are made sparingly and only in the case of serious infractions to our Content Policy (coming soon).

We also extend this privilege to any assets or materials provided by Next Games to content creators.

No swearing, rude or racist comments.

This should be obvious and doesn't require explanation.

Examples of great video content we want to feature:

So that this doesn't end up sounding like a set of rules, here's a few examples of content we think is great and would love to feature:

Please use this thread to ask questions or give comments / feedback about the above. And let our content creators know what kind of video content you would like to see!
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