Yeah! Rifle Bundles are here!



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    Mine would be Silver interrupt, Gold luck and Gold wide caliber.
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    DarkFae said:

    All you have to do to get better riffles is not buy them and then next games oy will put them in the drops again. I'm stating this because if ng staff decides they have a problem with you because they have no concept of sarcasm and can not take a joke you will be really sorry you parted with your money so easily. It's the same with the phones. As soon as the phone packs become available for sale you see less of them in drops and from walkers at the gate until the phone packs disappear. These are my not paid for riffles:

    If I can find that with the vitriol they have expressed and allow others to express towards me here then anyone can. Don't waste your money.

    how is this possible?! where did you get all those rifles? deadly missions? how long did you need to get them? if i see so many legendary gear like this, i feel like this game is taking the piss out of me :#
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    I want a weapon designer. I want to see a popup where I can say what weapon class, optics, level and traits it should have. Then I pay and then I go with my weapon - or jacket.


    Sorry to mention it again: Paying 3 Mio XP (more or less) for upgrading a weapon from Level 18 to Level 21 forces players to farm for XP which is sooooo boring. I can't tell how...

    Why can't purchased weapons be upgraded to maximum level already. Yeah, I'd pay 5 Euro more for it.


    Why doesn't the shop show the potential customer which level the weapon will have. WE KNOW it will have the level of the highest levelled hunter, but does everybody know??


    Why do we poor europeans have to pay MORE then the rich americans? Why isn't everything in dollar? Let google/apple calculate the local currency...
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    @DarkFae that's a treasure trove!
    Back from 2016 :p
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    Excellent ideas!
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    Another overpriced bundles :( 200 gold? For £10.99 it should contain at least 1000 gold.
    Another bundles for small amount of ppl.
    Guys stop buying this crap! It's completely not worth it
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    My guild asked me to state the following:

    "We would LOVE to purchase hunter weapons, but we invest more radios than South Korea produces per year (before the zombie apocalypse) and simply never find a (good looking) 5 star hunter with suitable levels."

    Edit (Addition):

    "We invested much money (one sister more than 200 euros!) in the radio event last weekend: NOTHING"
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    Weekly Event:
    Im very greatfull about the Wappon Bundles you Offer this weekend. Especialy After i spend 200 Euros in the last Event for finding a Hunter. But know i know why there was not one Blue or Golden Hunter or just one with LVL 18 .. You wanted that i safe my Money this week. I Thank your wise Team for your Intelligent System ! >:)
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    Would be funny, if we yould train a scout to become a reasonable hunter.

    Or maybe a 5 star scout could also be a 4 star hunter. As a second profession.

    Or a 5 star shooter could also be a 4 star warrior.
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    @SistersOfDaryl_Gaga your ideas are awesome, especially all the traits on weapons opened up, make it worth $$!
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    Why do we poor europeans have to pay MORE then the rich americans? Why isn't everything in dollar? Let google/apple calculate the local currency...

    They do the conversion. They also add local VAT.
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    The 10mm looks good to me.
    Question, if my hunter is lvl 13, then the rifle would be lvl 13 to what????
    What level would it top off at???
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    @EL34xyz The rifle would have starting lvl13 and max out at lvl16. (i.e. 13/16)
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    So 3 levels above the highest hunter level you currently have
    Ok, I can live with that

    I do have a hunter I picked up last weekend in the radio event
    I may have to hurry and get him leveled up a few levels above my current level 13 hunter
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    Nice bundle, since they drop the droprate of rifles and now offer to us to buy.
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    Hey all,

    Just a quick question. I have up to level 19 hunters but currently they are at level 17 as i dont have the exp to upgrade them. If i buy now the rifle bundle the gun will be at level 17 or 19?
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    EL34xyz said:

    The 10mm looks good to me.
    Question, if my hunter is lvl 13, then the rifle would be lvl 13 to what????
    What level would it top off at???

    OMG! It would top off at "don't freaking buy it!" The gun would be a base level 13 that tops off at 16 like Lightfeet stated which is 2 levels below the highest you can train a survivor up to in the game ATM and 5 levels below the highest level you can unlock a weapon up to ATM in the game. You would be better off finding and unlocking an Epic and focusing more towards upgrading your camp than spending your money.
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    It will take quite a while to get from level 13 to level 16 at the prices they charge to level up all the buildings in my camp
    It's not that easy to come by legendary rifles

    All I get are Legendary pistols and I have 8 of them right now

    I don't have a problem buying a new rifle since I have spent almost zero on the game so far
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    well @EL34xyz it's your money but if you bump up your tomato plots I'm guessing your's are at 7 ATM then you can upgrade your buildings faster because you will produce more soups. I have 6 plot ATM that produce almost 1/2 million soups per day. Since I decided to ignore everyone who said don't upgrade the soup plots (and max them out) I have been able to upgrade a building every 4 to 5 days.
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    @Golf150 starting lvl17 and max out at lvl20
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    My buildings are
    Council 13
    Training l2
    workshop 10
    radio 6

    I just upgraded to council 13
    Now I need 920k to get training up to level 13 before I can upgrade my A team to 14's
    But before I could do that i had to upgrade supplies so it could actually hold the 920k tom cans

    So It's going to take me quite a while to do all that plus level up my A team
    At the rate that I play this game, it could be quite a while until that rifle I buy is outdated
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    Lightfeet said:

    @Golf150 starting lvl17 and max out at lvl20

    thank you!
    so i will try to upgrade one hunter to 18 before buying a rifle bundle...
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    @DarkFae, the voice of intelligence and reason, in a software development sea of stupidity...

    You kids are lucky she took the time & effort to share her wisdom...

    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    Is there hunter you can rescue in story line, except episode one?)
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    Thank You. I tried :)
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    My hunter still level 14 and still using leg rifle 11/14, so I definitely will try to upgrade training grounds and hunter to 16 before I buy that .338
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    @NCDawgFan Here is what you've been asking for!
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    I see @Imfgunnut. Now which to buy since all are better than my best epic. None perfect but all very nice. I have 2m XP in the bank and almost started a level on some epic warrior armour last night since I was maxed on XP. Needless to say I am glad that I waited. Its gonna be an XP farming weekend event since I am maxed at 328 in the challenge anyway.
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    Not buying a rifle just because my A team is a level 13 makes no sense to me
    If that's what is being said by a couple people here?

    Level 13 to 16 for me is quite a long span of time and a zillion tomato cans and xp from now

    I've gotten quite a bit of use out of the legendary rifle I have right now
    It and it has been an invaluable tool, but, it's going to be outdated as soon as I level up my hunter

    I have not purchased one of the rifles yet
    Sure, I would like to get my hunter up to level 14, but I doubt I can make that happen before the rifle deal is over

    So if I can only use a new rifle from level 13 to level 16, it will have had a lot of service in that time
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