Monetization system in this game

You know it's a bad system when your customers have money to spend on your products and would be happy to financialy support the developers and yet wont because it doesnt make any sense to do so.
I would have bought all 3 gun packages offered this weekend but since I am fairly new and low level why would I spend money on products that will turn obsolete in a matter of few days,it absolutely doesnt make any sense and has zero value to me,as I can progress just fine without the packages just the same as free to play folks do.

Furthermore if I fell into that trap of buying now not realizing how bad of a gaming investment I just made it would have left me with very bad taste within a few days thinking I was ripped off by some sort of a marketing scam.

It would have been far better for the weapons/packages to match the level of the player when the player decide to "open" these packages not when he actually buys them.In that way we can buy now and open later and actually be happy with our purchase instead of feeling cheated .


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    @dozerati A good or bad gaming investment is a pretty subjective concept. I think it's wild to spend money on an item for a game that only allows you to play a limited amount before costing more money. There are a ton of people who do see the value though and that's fine. The weapon upgrades 3 levels above your highest hunter, with double xp and 5 sec upgrade people will have them fully upgraded by Monday no problem. The money goes in and somewhere along the way real content comes!

    Also being that hunters are likely the most popular class and I bet NG is making bank, this will not be your only chance to buy.
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    I understand that "value" is an extremely subjective concept and that each one of us is free to decide what the term actually means but spending more than I should on so many different games and knowing plenty of other gamers with similar spending habits as mine I feel qualified to offer my perspective as what I am fairly certain represents an average small potatoe spender (as opposed to whale).

    I realize that no matter what kind of promotions are made that some gamers would find them attractive.NG could offer the annihilation of the entire universe complete with the destruction of all life forms package and I have no doubt some gamers would find that a perfect match for what they need.
    More power to these players I am very happy for them,but I would also like to have my piece of the pie too and these offers are not compatible with spenders like me.
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    It would be nice to be able to upgrade purchased gear to your own current level.

    I get it, though, that they want to make money, so... how about an "upgrade bundle" that offers an upgrade to something you already paid for, but for a relatively low amount (say $5 if the original item costs $15)?
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    I would have bought a rifle bundle (or two) but I don't have any level 18 survivors, so it would be a waste for me as well. If I had more control over the level of items I purchased (say, based on my workshop level) then that would solve that problem. Oh well. I'm sure they made plenty on those bundles.
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    @masmith93 "Plenty" for me is not enough. I see tons of untapped revenue from this game. You have to have the right products at the right price at the right time - to get the most amount of people spending the most amount of money.
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