Show max items stored/total in workshop

I would like to see this little things in the workshop window:

- How many items we have now and total capacity.

- Increase max capacity from 140 to 250

- Add 1 or 2 buttons to scrape all 1 and/or 2 stars objects that are not equiped and with a warning about a possible max experience overflow.

Something like this:

- What happens when you reach max items capacity? If the new item gets auto scraped then I would like to choose between scrap it or select another item to scrap like we do when we get new survivors.


  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634
    When you reach max capacity some items will be auto scrapped. It doesn't happen right away though.

    A few times I have acquired a few new items and closed the game. When I logged in later there was a message that said "You have exceeded the 140 item max. Some items have been auto scrapped.

    Not sure, if auto-scrap, automatically scraps the lost lvl gear, but I have never lost anything really good.

    Also you will receive the XP for the items as if you scrapped them yourself.

    I like you idea, about increasing the capacity some. After all, as our camps grow so would our storage for gear.

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  • TeherrorTeherror Member Posts: 35
    I think both are great ideal..I just wish it had a button to lock in items you use regularly since I rotate my weapons .. Or give us a option to lvl our amount of weapons .140 to 180 with next upgrade .. I agree since I'm a hoarder and since my lvls are higher so are some of the weapons but I do want to save them for future use. Thank you !! Great ideal
  • JAGJAG Member Posts: 291
    From UI and storage perspective I think a max makes sense. With an increased number of survivor classes the max should go up. The max could be 180 just as well, but maybe you hoarders should be happy there is a limit. :)

    I do however agree that showing current/max as in the screen shot would be nice and a 5 min implementation feature. There are numbers on each category so it's possible to sum the current amount, but making the max more visible instead of an "after the fact popup" would be more user friendly.

    The "scrap crap" buttons suggested would be nice too I guess. But start with the visualization and see how it goes from there.
    A clarification on how the auto-scrap selects what to scrap would also be nice of course.
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