Special 4-day holiday Event this weekend??

Please, please, NG? :)


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    Out of curiosity what type of 4 day holiday event are you asking for? The devil is in the details...might help to get much more specific.
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    Too true, @DarkFae! Just hoping that they extend the event to 4 days for Memorial Day as they did for Easter this year. Of course, with a high quality event too. ;)
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    There wasn't an event for the memorial day here... then again, 'here' is not in the US. ;)
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    Well good luck, but we are dealing with ngo they could give you 4 days of 5 second game crashes as an event....I urge you to come up with something more specific. :D


    That sounds like a good idea!
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    Sorry, @MadPuppy, very US-centric thinking by me. It's hard to keep track of what holidays are universal sometimes.

    LOL, @DarkFae! Seems like we've had that event come around too often. Please no repeat! :D

    I like the sound of @Ovidmikel's or @SlickRick's idea. Something that extends playing time would be great!
    [Deleted User]SlickRick
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    Yeah I'm not holding my breath...but one can hope and dream even when they're a "senior" can't they?!!

    I would take your scenario too...this type of event would benefit all level players and also help NG...and I maybe I should leave my skivvies on too lest I scare any of the young ladies on here :)
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    what is memorial day anyway?
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    It is a holiday where people honor people who died in the mist of service to their country. The gratitude normally extends to people who have been in the military or who are still serving in the military. More info can be found here.
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    Yeah, @SlickRick better keep your 'senior' parts covered :)
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    Memorial Day is the same as Remembrance Day (or Poppy Day) in the UK, though they celebrate it 11 November.
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    In UK next Monday is spring bank holiday that's all. Nothing special ;) but most important it's day off from work ;)))
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    We celebrate Nov. 11 as well - called Veterans Day in the US.
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    Hmm, didn't realize the US basically has two days to respect those fallen in battle. Must be my Canada-centricism ;)

    And we just had a long weekend here for Victoria Day, could've used that extra day of 2x XP :)
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    For every 3 stars we should all get a free radio to support our faction mates.
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    Veterans Day is to honor those that serve who are alive. Memorial Day is for the fallen. Most people who aren't military get it confused. I know I used to. Also, it's not technically Monday, it's just "observed" that day so that we can have a long weekend to BBQ.
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    Memorial day weekend is the kickoff to summer party's in florida
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    Actually, it's always on the last Monday in May, the same way Thanksgiving is always the 4th Thursday of November.
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    Amiga said:

    In UK next Monday is spring bank holiday that's all. Nothing special ;) but most important it's day off from work ;)))

    Most likely because Wall Street and all our federal offices/buildings (including banks) are closed. Banking is too international not to be synced. While the government doesn't own the banks, they are regulated and insured by the FDIC.
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    Special event: Pick one survivor from your memorial and they come back to life? Oh, and they come back Legendary and 18/19.

    @Nextgames, pls.
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    Keep in mind guys, this is an international game and many countries have celebrated holidays that are just as big and important where they are from and haven't received any special events or gifts because of them. NG is also based out of Finland, not the USA. So i'm thinking your chances aren't very good. I would stick to asking for events on the more widely celebrated holidays and hope for the best. This one is a tad to country specific i'm thinking :p
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    I don't mind as long as players all over the world benefit from the events. ;)
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    So we're not getting 1 minute gas and triple XP scrapping??!! Why you got to rain on our parade :)

    Do you happen to know if there is a big Finnish holiday this weekend per chance??!!
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    @SlickRick Haha well I cant say one way or the other ;)

    and Uhm well... I did find this in a magical place called google. If its on the internet I believe it so.... here ya go :)

    Jan 1 Friday New Year's Day National holiday
    Jan 6 Wednesday Epiphany National holiday
    Mar 20 Sunday March equinox Season
    Mar 25 Friday Good Friday National holiday
    Mar 27 Sunday Easter Day National holiday
    Mar 28 Monday Easter Monday National holiday
    May 1 Sunday May Day National holiday
    May 5 Thursday Ascension Day National holiday
    May 8 Sunday Mother's Day De facto holiday
    May 15 Sunday Whit Sunday National holiday
    Jun 20 Monday June Solstice Season
    Jun 24 Friday Midsummer Eve De facto holiday
    Jun 25 Saturday Midsummer National holiday
    Sep 22 Thursday September equinox Season
    Nov 5 Saturday All Saints' Day National holiday
    Nov 13 Sunday Father's Day De facto holiday
    Dec 6 Tuesday Independence Day National holiday
    Dec 21 Wednesday December Solstice Season
    Dec 24 Saturday Christmas Eve De facto holiday
    Dec 25 Sunday Christmas Day National holiday
    Dec 26 Monday St. Stephen's Day National holiday
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