Suggestion for CHAT improvement

atomatom Member Posts: 10
- Add possibility for players to SEND message to other player in the Guild.
- Add possibility for Rank players to send a Guild message.
- CHAT : do not auto scroll to the recent msg post. When i am reading msg in CHAT room, its really annoying that it auto jump to the begining.
- Make Chat windows always avalaible : in town and also during missions.

Check "Empire Z", this game have a great CHAT system using slide.


  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
    Yea, I think more chat features/improvements would be great. But I'm not so sure about a "global chat," though....those usually just result in lots of spamming/trolling/clusterf*cks.
    Global chat might be more useful in other games where players need a PUG team or something....
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