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Lurking walkers? Enemies around every corner? Full concentration on the screen? Night Mode can help you enjoy the game play experience!

Night Mode should be available during the night time in the region you are living! It should NOT be an option that could be toggled ON and OFF from the Settings of the game

First of all we have the visuals: Camp fire, torches the survivors use while moving around camps, Burning torches around camp!

Now If this comes out then we should have a new type of walker for night mode: The Night shadow Walker! They will be always lurking around the corners to avoid being spotted from the torches your survivors will use! They will also cause more damage than the normal walkers!

Same goes for Outposts. You will be able to use the darkness as your advantage to kill of the enemy survivors, but be careful! They will also use torches and Projectors to increase their field of vision!

Brand new building: The Lighting House

It will give torches for your survivors and Huge projectors to be placed in the Outpost maps (You will be editing the position of those the same way you edit your survivors and fences! You can only put 2 of them though).

The more you upgrade the House the farther the torches will light up the way! Be careful because survivors can use the torches only in the direction they are facing!

Brand new type of survivors: Night Assasins

These bad boys (and girls) can only be used when Night Mode is on and they will help you locate the Night shadows! When they get close to one, they will show you there is one by making a sound or by facing in the direction of the walker! Be careful Night assassin can only attack straight and walkers could be lurking around! Make sure to guard them and check every corner!

Leave your thoughts guys and if you have any ideas to add on be sure to share them

Stay Safe!

Probably making a video!

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