Legendary 18 Bruiser/Scout w/ Legendary Level 21 gear

Can someone post pics of a legendary level 18 bruiser/scout with legendary level 20 or 21 gear? I'm trying to make the comparison to my Assault/Shooter.


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    People have leveled bruiser gear?
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    Here is the best I can offer...haven't done scout gear yet...and the bruiser armor is a level too low...but close

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    image.png 1018.3K
    image.png 1021.4K
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    There is no comparison to your shooter in my opinion @JVC_TWD. No matter what NG does, a leveled team of bruisers and scouts won't be worth a fully leveled shooter. A charged shooter is a killing machine even on a fatty.
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    @Oliverfelix Those level 21 armors with gold dodge/shield are beautiful :)
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    Its easy to get those. Just pray
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    Guess it's less praying and more flying ;)

    Ot: bruiser and scout gear will still be at the end of my to do list after the update. Will always prefer a combination of hunter/shooter/warrior and sometimes an assault or two.
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    Thanks guys @SlickRick @Oliverfelix @raton

    @NCDawgFan I love my shooter. He took down a level 18 fattie in one shot. That 60% critical damage is a beauty. I just wanted to see how much the armor was for a bruiser so I can see how much it will be once the update comes. Same with scout offense. But yes, I agree the shooter is still better than scouts. I'll take range for protection all the time
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    @JVC_TWD now that my shooter has the 1150 pistol with gold range and damage I am constantly surprised what he can kill. I fire up my charge power sometimes thinking it will take two shots to get the kill and he drops them with one. It may just be me, but when he hits a walker I could swear it flies across the screen further than my other survivors.

    The only thing that surprises me more is the carnage a hunter with wide bore taking a shot at an angle can create. Death from afar!
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    That critical damage is ridiculous on the shooter @NCDawgFan I wish I had range in mine but once I seen the critical I changed my mind. And yeah, hunters with wide bore is the best!
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    @SlickRick how does that same bruiser look now? Is it 40% increase from the base health, weapon health or overall health?
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    don't know if this helps you in any way, but the numbers for Scout weapons are exactly the same for Shooter weapons as well as Assault armor. Scout armor - same as Hunter armor. Legendary Bruiser armor? No equivalent to other classes, can't help there.
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    @JVC_TWD It's on the armor, not base hp. Base bruiser hp has remained 1154. The HP supplied by armor has increased 40%.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 2,344

    Are you talking about per tier unlocked? Or are you talking about the tiers marked with heath boost only after they are unlocked because I just checked and the numbers are the same: 75 for gold and 50 for silver and I think it was 25 for bronze if I remember correctly.

  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    seems to be on the Defense rating

    that level 1 epic armor used to be Defense 37
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    actually, I just did the math and 37 to 46 isn't 40% ??
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 2,344

    I'm glad I'm not the only one confused by this one.
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    Yeah. I did the math and it didn't make any sense. I don't know if it's 40% increase off the base of the armor or for whatever tier you're at. @DarkFae @DoTak @zoson
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    Well I will never be a mathlete so I wasn't sure if I was missing something or if there was really something wrong here. I'm glad now that others are asking the same questions and @zoson is not answering that my confusion can not be interpreted as an attack.
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    I don't use bruisers but I just wanted to know how much stronger they're going to be in the damn outposts now bcuz 40% seemed like too much imo @DarkFae
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    I have at least 3 of each type of survivor so I like to experiment every now and again to see what each is capable of. These new changes would be a perfect time to experiment some more but the facts are not adding up with the bruisers and I haven't even began to try to mentally digest the changes in the other classes but did note the the spray has been decreased for the assaults. Which sucks because gold spray is very hard to find and costly to unlock for base level 16 and over riffles.
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    It's not on the traits. Traits are not specific to bruisers. It's the overall armor value. I'm not sure what my armor started at, I just know it's a lot higher now. I think my bruiser had about 1850 hp pre patch and now she has almost 2100hp. Her armor now gives 919hp. so that's about 250 hp difference.
    Subtracting that, from 919 gives 669. Multiply by 1.4 to increase by 40% gives 936.6. Since I don't know what the exact value is, that would seem within margin of error of a 40% increase.
  • JVC_TWDJVC_TWD Member Posts: 496
    @zoson here's the before and after pics. Armor increased by 212. So if it increased by 40% like it was supposed to, then we get 40/100 = 212/x (let's solve for x). Once we do, we get x = 530.

    So 212 is 40% of 530. But our armor before the update was at 953. So, where did this 530 come from? Is it the base of the armor when it was level 17?
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    Your math there is confusing me (maybe it's just me)

    Here's what I get:

    pre-1.9 armor 953
    post 1.9 armor 1165
    difference +212
    212/953 = 22.2% increase

    @ 40% increase, 953 should have become (953 x 1.4) = 1334

    So it's clear that these stated percentage increases didn't happen right, or we're all misinterpreting something
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    and the base defense of level 17 legendary bruiser armor used to be 476
  • JVC_TWDJVC_TWD Member Posts: 496
    @DoTak Sorry for the confusion. Let's see if this helps.

    You're answering the question, "what is 40% of 953?"

    I'm answering the question, "212 is 40% of what number?"

    Either way, we're both showing their 40% increase is definitely wrong. We're both right :smile:
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    I did simple math and what we have here:
    Bruiser changes promised: Armor has more health: +40%
    Bruiser changes actual: Armor has more health: +22,2% (total about +10%)

    Scout changes promised: Damage increased: +20%
    Scout changes actual: Weapon damage increased: +11,8% (total about +5%)

    Assault changes promised: Damage Increased: +5%
    Assault changes actual: Weapon damage increased: 4,3% (total about +2,2%)

    (one more screen of Assault for confirmation? somebody?)

    PS. And my hunter still sucks at hunting from afar. :'(
  • PR0DJPR0DJ Member Posts: 834
    Both scouts which was compared was epics 16 and 17 so total +dmg was about 5-6%, so it definitely not 20% regardless of anything else.
    And weapons was different, but exactly +11,8%.
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