Record! 7 raids and 117 influence lost at one night. NG u can do it better!

LamsirLamsir Member Posts: 57
7 raids with 117 influence lost at one night. Pls don't tell me u r sorry or u r working hard it, and I know u r working hard at it. Just thank for making me feel everyday so frustrated for playing this game. And looking forward to breaking the record again!


  • MovadoMovado Member Posts: 863
    I see my name in the screenshots. I'm sorry, but there's very limited options on searches where I'm currently ranked, and your outpost undoubtedly keeps showing up (i.e. you're getting raided by players with +5,000 infl, so you're popping up on the search engines there). Most searches in this tier are "0's."
    I agree that shields should activate without need for separate log-ins, etc. Maybe next outpost update will patch the ongoing problems.

    Outposts clearly needs a fix. I enjoy outposts...but I don't like being part of a broken system that ruins the enjoyment of others. For that, I'm sorry.
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