What's new in 1.9

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What's new in 1.9

Recruiting survivors just got much more legendary. The new radio call system gives you the option to choose from one, two or three survivors with every call you make.

New in this update:
- Collect the free radio bundle
- Radio Calls Overhaul
- New challenge mission: Suburbs
- Improvements to existing challenge maps
- Get a Gas booster - free Gas for 24 hours
- Get an XP booster - double XP for 24 hours
- My Classes: Watch videos of your unlocked classes to master their skills and charge abilities
- New music while in combat - 2 new tracks added

AI Changes:
- Distance Field: melee units prefer to move closer and ranged prefer to be further away
- Intelligent targeting: The AI now attempts to target multiple enemies if their weapons are capable of hitting more than one target
- Fixed Cover AI: The AI uses cover in more intelligent ways

XP Balance Changes:
- Scrap XP - get 25% of upgrade costs back when you scrap equipment
- Higher probability of dropping XP in the mission loot crates increased, especially for high level players
- Amount of XP contained in all reward chests (mission loot, Trade Good store chests) increased
- XP reward from XP grind missions increased
- Higher probability of getting an XP drop from Golden and Silver chests bought from Trade Good Shop

- Gas can now go over the max when received from rewards
- Connect to Game Center, Facebook or Google Play to unlock an achievement
- Equipment auto-scrap limit raised to 300 items
- Improved matchmaking algorithm in PvP, provides better matches
- Improvements to PvP Shield
- Survivor class balance changes
- Deadly Exploration missions have been removed

- Fixed 0 Trade Goods and 0 Influence results in Outpost attacks
- Protection limit has been removed
- Fixed bugged walker in Helping Hand challenge mission
- More informative error messages when bugs occur
- Unlocking guild & personal rewards at same time rewards you with both
- When under attack, pop up informs you of the situation
- Bandage / Overwatch fixes
- Ending turn when bleeding with one AP left no longer both bandages the survivor and gives them Overwatch. Only bandaging happens now.
- Fixed the issue where logging in when bleeding and with one AP left, the player was not able to tap the bandage -icon.
- If bleeding Raiders do not use both APs, they will bandage themselves instead of going to overwatch.
- Outpost fixes
- Fixed 0 Trade Goods and 0 Influence results
- Protection limit has been removed
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