Running a 21 man guild

LegionnairesLegionnaires Member Posts: 24
We currently have 21 guild members with the 21st member ready for if anyone leaves (or god forbid) gets booted.We have done this to eliminate trying to find a new member if we have a sudden loss.Not great starting a new challenge with 19/20 lol
Anyway,rather than have our 21st member sitting round until a space arrives l have proposed to the guild that those wanting a week pressure free step forward and we can sort a rota so that we should always have 20 survivors ready to go at the start of each challenge and those that wanted a break can have one.Even if nobody stepped forward (which lm sure most will WELCOME the bresk) we would still only have to sit out once every 5 months.
If you had THAT many of your guild wanting s break you could possibly run with 22,23 or more survivors with the group page keeping everyone in the loop.
My question is this...lf we rotate guild members,do their total guild star contribution be zeroed everytime they rejoin? Also will this deduct in anyway from our weekly counts etc?l know this may not seem important to some survivors but just want to cover as many bases as possible before we test it out.Thanks for any advice given :)


  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,752
    If you make the switches between challenges, you should be fine on all accounts.
  • JVC_TWDJVC_TWD Member Posts: 496
    The total stars in that guild for each person resets everytime they leave and come back. It sucks but that's how it is. Also, like @jester said, if the switches are done when the challenge ends then your guild stars wouldn't be affected by anything. Neither would the rankings. Most, if not all, of the top guilds have multiple guilds to feed their top guild whenever someone leaves/quits/needs a break.
  • LegionnairesLegionnaires Member Posts: 24
    Thanks for the info.We def dont want to go down the route of running a second guild.At least the guys will know only their total amount will be zeroed but no affect on guild totals
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