How do you feel about the removal of deadly exploration missions?



  • mongo911mongo911 Member Posts: 939
    Wait a minuet...

    We still get to kill the " zombies / walkers ", right...

    Wait... Aren't they also dead...

    Then they get dead twice...

    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    Really can't imagine why this was necessary, unless it's about the survivors being killed during reconnection issue that someone suggested.

    Having said that, from my experience with deadlies, I found that the 'increased chance of finding better equipment' thing to be a minuscule improvement at best. Yes, I would occasionally do them if I was looking for gear, but generally I'm looking for XP so it's those ones I do the most. If anything, I believe there's a better chance of getting good gear doing challenge missions at rec levels higher than your current Deadly exploration mission.

    On the subject of compensation for players under the 500 mark - if the reward upon completion is 500 gold then I think it would be fair to award 1 gold per deadly completed, up to 500. Basically, nobody loses out. You get paid for what you've accomplished so far. Certainly don't think they should just give the full 500 gold to people under the mark. Anybody who's already achieved that would cry foul.
  • _wendy__wendy_ Member Posts: 171
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    No fair!!! I'm half way through the 500 deadly missions.
  • RevanTheLegendRevanTheLegend Member Posts: 51
    Never used it much but thought it was a really cool feature.

    Ramps up that fear factor imo.
  • CapletonCapleton Member Posts: 441
    Didn't understand why they got rid of the deadly challenge missions...but don't care at all about 'deadly' exploration.
    Like it was already mentioned several times: those deadly exploration maps were way too easy to offer better rewards.

    Of course not sweet for all newbies who are not able to grab the 500 gold...but there were several changes before 'balancing' the game.
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  • bumshoebumshoe Member Posts: 322
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    I liked deadly missions no complaints.
    When soft cap comes I quit the game.
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    I don't like that you are taking away the chance to get the 500 deadly missions achievement - and that will still not make me buy gold bundles. ;)

    I will just have to wait longer before being able to buy another survivor slot...

    How about replacing that with another achievement? There are enough I'm sure we all could think of if you need help. :p

    I also liked the better chance of gold and silver tickets.
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  • CarolMCarolM Member Posts: 21
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    I'm disappointed that I won't be able to complete this achievement.

  • limeyjohnlimeyjohn Member Posts: 215
    I am not one to spend much cash in the game and all of my stuff has pretty much come from doing deadlies , why they would even consider removing them is beyond my tiny mind
  • MystiqueMystique Content Creator ❤️ Posts: 1,454
    Sorry I don't have a vote! I know how many others must feel tho! I finished the achievement months ago... And I haven't played another deadly exploration mission since! So I guess I will side with the people that are unhappy that they removed it!

    There was quite a bit of gold to be had for the achievement... Also better gear I suppose! But never paid attention to it.
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  • VerbaubVerbaub Member Posts: 650
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    I got much better rewards doing Deadlies ... I will miss that opportunity
  • hottexashottexas Member Posts: 144
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    Risk and reward. If folks don't want to take the risk, they don't have to. On exploratory missions there are two other choices. Please don't take deadlies
    away from those of us who ARE willing to put it all on the line.

  • PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783
    Not sure why the removed them from Challenges, other than people trying to squeeze one more star for whatever reason could lose survivors. No idea why removed from missions, well really just side missions. (At one point I thought the last part of every episode was also a deadly?) So I guess only two side missions, XP and supplies?

    I feel bad for the people, like members in my guild, who have not reached 500 deadlines and the gold reward. Some are very close. Hopefully NG can help those players out. (Got no dog in that fight, cleared out the 500 a bit ago during one of the quick gas events.)
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    But I'm only 10 missions away from collecting 1000 gold for 1000 deadlies!

    Oh, wait........... ;)
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  • gabriel_lwhgabriel_lwh Member Posts: 454
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    I used to farm a lot on the deadly exploration missions (1/3 of my total missions completed) when I was at a much lower player level. Buildings, gears and survivors were much cheaper so I hardly touched supplies and XP exploration missions.

    Now, I farm a lot more on supplies missions to upgrade the more important buildings.

    With the removal of deadly exploration missions, will there be even lesser chance of pulling better gears from crates?

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  • LgrattLgratt Member Posts: 77
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    Just got the 500 gold for deadly missions, will miss it and the survivors I lost in the process and the adrenaline...
  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634
    All in all I did 695 Deadly mission and am happy to say I completed them all.

    However, I am indifferent to them being removed now, as I never do them anymore.

    At least once a day if not more I have to force close the game during a mission do to bugs, that prevent me from being able to play.

    While usually it resumes where I left off during the close or only a few turns prior there were a few times when I found my team in the hospital upon re-opening the game.

    I figured it would eventually happen during a deadly and I don't want to lose any survivors to a bug.

    It there had been an achievement, such as 1000 deadly Missions I am sure I would have continued however,

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  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,644
    I only played deadly missions! Can't believe I have to say farewell, they were so much fun especially when I killed 1 of my survivors by mistake

    Probably making a video!

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 2,344
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    People who have a maxed camp will have even less to do soon.
  • hottexashottexas Member Posts: 144
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    Ugh. I hit 52 last week and have 7m cans of tomatoes, it won't be long til I hit the max. I'm already cringing when I see 'maters coming my way. Still exited for this update, so many changes. I can't wait to play.

    If they really do fix outpost shields (etc), it might just be time for me to jump in there. My walkers are ready!
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 578
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    This is disappointing. A game of survival in the zombie apocalypse needs at least some threat of death. I also like the higher chance of good rewards due to the danger involved.
  • hlwshlws Member Posts: 4
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    I feel really sorry about getting rid of deadly missions. It was nice thrill.... Strange to be in Zombie world without possibility of dying.
    For me, the best solution would be keeping the Deadly missions, but when survivor dies, he may came back without levels and without gear as one of the 3 survivors comming from radio station.
  • Long Live Deadly Missions!
    Deadly mission lost its meaning. You may only have deadly in exploration, which is kind of lame if you die there. No risk at all.
    In contrary deadlies in challanges after a while were exciting.
    Now everything is just boring.
  • augiaugi Member Posts: 2
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    Should be kept until player has reached 500. Stinks we have wasted attacks trying to get the 500 gold achievement.
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,817
    Long Live Deadly Missions! i don't understand if i lost my next gold reward for 500 deadly...??
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  • OneLessTitanOneLessTitan Member Posts: 1,273
    Long Live Deadly Missions!
    Even though the "deadly"part of the mission is gone, that mission type still states it gives higher chance at better rewards...maybe that's the payoff for no guarantee reward of food or XP? Didn't play one tho.
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    Long Live Deadly Missions!

    So deadly challenges are now gone but no one told the loading screen:

    Achievement is also still there, mocking...
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