If you cap kills (1 exp after 75 kills) I will quit

bumshoebumshoe Member Posts: 322
I am not sure if this is just a rumor or actual idea in the making but if it ever comes to pass I will just stop playing the game.

Farming for exp has become a staple for advancement and the only thing I do in the game other then challenges for the guild.

I clan mate said that after 75 kills in a given mission or challenge the exp per kill will be reduced to 1. Yes the exp increased amount will be welcome for missions and rewards but 25% on 600xp increase when one needs millions is a drop in the bucket. Even 2000 exp often seen at higher levels. That is now 2500 or 0.0025% of a million which seems to be close to going rate of top items.
When soft cap comes I quit the game.


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    You have a temporary reprieve. They are delaying the implementation.

    So here is a delayed "see ya".
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    It was supposed to be in the next update, but it has been postponed.

    However, I get the frustration. I have been manually farming to keep up with the game costs. But, I'm hoping the XP balance changes make farming obsolete anyway. I'd rather get 100K XP on 4 XP exploration missions than pressing the "End turn" button on Car Crash in the same hour.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    I used to farm a lot to keep game flow...but with new XP changes I'm not worry any more.
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