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Maybe schedule maintenance during the two days between challenges; rather than waiting until a time-limited challenge starts, and then preventing players from participating in that challenge for an unspecified period of time?

Just a thought.
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    It's update 1.9! Who cares about challenge... ;)))
    Relax 1 hr and back to action.. New shiny boosted action!
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    I care. I'm not slamming the game or the devs.

    It's just a thought on better planning of an update schedule in alignment to game parameters.

    Glad you're super excited about radio system updates, nerfs to hunters, and bumps to scouts and bruisers though!
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    I'm excited on XP balance change the most. Rest is common changes.
    But seriously this msintance shouldn't take long. Just your gas will refill in meantime. You won't loose anything.
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    Sense dearly departed the game a while ago.
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