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I have been capped on supplies for about a month now with nothing to spend it on. When can we expect an upgrade that will help us collect and not waste supplies. Also it seems that once I capped the majority of rewards are supplies instead of a balance of supplies/xp


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    Giving you something to spend supplies on in the traditional way would mean a council upgrade. You'd be maxed again in a few weeks, and would then have many many months of work to do finding and leveling new gear, leveling survivors etc. That is what you should be doing now, just ignore the supplies full message.

    Or ask for a way to convert supplies to other currencies.
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    There are MANY threads about this in Suggestions and Ideas fyi...and we usually get a new one about this every might want to have the mods move it over there or merge it with an existing thread on the subject so it can gain more traction

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    Slick is such a friendly person lol The game must his rage outlet
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    I tend to think I'm a friendly guy...thanks for noticing...feeling is mutual fyi...and I never really rage...sometimes against machines but that's about it

    There are a lot of good threads on the forum...but many get placed in the wrong area or are duplicates of the same things we've seen over and over...just trying to help the mods keep it as clutter-free as possible so the new and good stuff gets noticed better :)

    Oh yeah I also rage against cheaters...I think that's common knowledge by now!
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    just be thankful that you don't lose your food when someone raid you.
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    They can have it...and they don't even have to raid me :)
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    @SlickRick is kind on these boards... But he kicks his dog...

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    I would give away all 8.9m tonight if NG would let me. I bet I have earned wsy more than that since I hit the max weeks ago.
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    Hospital upgrades!!!
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