9.3 Glitched?

GrinchGrinch Member Posts: 152
Was trying to complete 9.3 on hard, and now my survivors walk through garbage bins?
Can't complete and had to take 3 hours hospital time to flee.
@Teeceezy @OldGoth

Is this an improvement from update?!?
have photos of survivors standing in garbage bins.


  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,452
    Did you exit out of the game and come back? There was a visual glitch where the garbage cans were not in the right place after you restart your game, if you remember where the garbage cans were it you should be able to push it.

    The visual glitch moves the garbage cans 1 space back if I recall.
  • GrinchGrinch Member Posts: 152
    Yeah I can walk through them, and can't shoot majority of walkers behind fence.
    Never left game. Was trying to complete to get to nightmare mission, to farm.
    I guess NG fixed the left game glitch by glitching it completely!
    Waiting for help ticket response...but won't hold my breath.
    Been waiting over 3 months for a help ticket and still no response, except from you when I posted on forum.
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