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    Eryk said:

    Feedback and disappointment is not whining. Taking it to far I understand but wanting an explanation on why deadly missions were removed and that the small buffs that they did for bruisers and scouts still don't make them more valuable to use then the other classes. Was lots of good in this update but with such a big update much needs to be discussed and this seems like the "forum" to do it :)

    I think Eryk pretty much hit the nail on the head. There was an explanation about the mistaken numbers of buffs on bruisers and scouts, but it was within a thread that some may have not seen. But, there hasn't been an excuse on why deadly missions have been removed (at least that I have seen). A simple statement saying that players were having disconnection problems, hence losing survivors, would give players an insight into NG's motive. Do players deserve a personalized message on every change to the game, no. A simple sticky message explaining the changes isn't too much to ask. Since the achievement is still there, does that mean that deadly missions will be back on a future weekend event? That would be great. Just a bit more communication is all the 'bitching' players are asking for.

    And to clarify, I do like the majority of changes.
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